10 Best and Glamorous Looks of Faryal Makhdoom

Faryal Makhdoom knows her makeup, but what about her fashion? We take a look at 10 of the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom to interest and inspire you.

10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - f

Faryal Makhdoom demonstrates that the best accessory is a coordinated partner.

Faryal Makhdoom is the wife of professional boxer Amir Khan, but is now known in her own right for her makeup brand, Faryal Cosmetics. However, when it comes to her personal fashion style, do the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom measure up?

From mixing high and low fashion brands to a range of Asian designers, she can serve as inspiration for many South Asians, regardless of their celebrity status.

Then fusing masculine and feminine style elements as well as interesting colour combinations, the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom can get you out of a style rut – particularly with some of her more daring choices.

Therefore, DESIblitz presents some of the best and glamorous looks of Faryal Makhdoom which are gorgeous and stunning.

Biker Chick Chic

The 10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - Biker Chick Chic

Faryal Makhdoom proves that leathers and boots can look incredibly chic and stylish. She’s red carpet ready for the Espys, an awards event currently from the American TV channel, ABC for individual and team athletic achievement.

Makhdoom stands out from the crowd in a long-sleeved mini dress in black leather. This is an unusual look, but is apt for a glamorous awards show, celebrating sporting excellence.

The clever detailing of gold zips breaks up the dress to prevent it from looking like solid black mass.  Instead, a leather tie belt cinches her waist perfectly, avoiding bulkiness.

Furthermore, an off-the-shoulder look is bang-on-trend as are the sleek thigh-high boots. With a pointed toe, these boots are brilliant for creating the appearance of endless legs.

If they’re the same pair from some of her other looks, the stylish boots are from Italian luxury shoemakers, Enio Silla and Monica Ciabattini. Despite their price tag, the American-Pakistani personality demonstrates the benefits of this sophisticated shoe-wear.

While we’d love it if the pockets are functional, Faryal Makhdoom demonstrates that the best accessory is a coordinated partner. Amir Khan looks equally dapper in a black and white suit.

We’re not sure if we like the mixing of whites in his shirt and jacket. However, there’s plenty of pockets if the fashionista needs anything.

Nevertheless, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Faryal Makhdoom’s simple but sparkly jewellery adds a finishing touch of contrast.

Out Of This World

The 10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - Out of the World

Another red carpet look, Faryal Makhdoom stuns in silver. In a modelling shoot, the fashionista is a vision in a floor-length outfit.

Intricate metallic detailing covers her dress, which gradually increases to form ornate embellishment along the hem and bring drama to an already sweeping skirt.

The complexity of this spectacular Asian outfit also features in the multiple layers of colours. A translucent material allows the silver colour of the underskirt.

However, touches of red then draw your attention to the exposed wrists and with her jewellery, to her face.

This is a simultaneously futuristic and ethereal look, which is also perfect for modest fashion lover.

Pucci with PVC

The 10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - pucci

Makhdoom is bold with her colour combinations and choice of fabrics in this eye-catching look. A pale yellow turtle-neck jumper is visually-interesting thanks to the ribbing and the stylised writing of ‘Pucci’.

This places the high-end credentials of the look front-and-centre. Nevertheless, we admire the subtle details of this outfit.

Contrasting against the high-shine black PVC trousers, Faryal Makhdoom utilises the dull silver jewellery peeking out of her poker-straight hair.

Silver strands of dangly earrings bring more texture to the sleeker elements. Next, her chunky ring and bracelets accentuate her hands and provide further embellishment and glamour to the designer look.

Crucially, however, they soften the extreme contrast of black and yellow to create something chic rather than childish.

Go For The Gold

The 10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - gold

This is one of the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom and a fantastic golden one.

A Umer Sohail signature piece, Makhdoom’s outfit is from the Rasheeda Baegum collection. It’s hand embellished in Sohail’s signature Gold Indian tissue fabric.

The vibrant colour makes an unforgettable statement. However, it’s the attention to detail that truly impresses us.

There’s a masculine feel to the sharp collar and shoulders. By sweeping her long hair back in a low bun, Makhdoom cleverly plays this up.

Yet, the delicate gold sandals and immaculate red polish adds a dash of femininity. Of course, her mang tikka completes the wow factor of this winning look.

Straight Outta Vogue

10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - Houndstooth Skirt Suit

Faryal Makhdoom’s ensemble is fabulously chic as she visits a Vogue Café.

Over a tight-white turtleneck is a cute matching skirt and jacket. There’s the sense of Alicia Silverstone’s iconic look in the Hollywood romantic comedy, Clueless.

However, this is a clever look in taking inspiration rather than directly copying. Instead, Faryal Makhdoom plays with shape and colour.

Periwinkle blue and apricot combine in a fun take on the classic houndstooth print. The jacket’s puffy sleeves balance the proportions of Makhdoom’s mini-skirt.

Then, the subtle addition of fringing detail on this skirt adds another fun element.

As Faryal Makhdoom is visiting Vogue Café, a mustard Chanel cross body bag is the perfect label for its historic association with Vogue. Of course, Makhdoom’s entire look additionally pays homage to the famous Chanel suit, often in tweed with fitted skirts.

In fact, the devil is in the detail. Faryal Makhdoom nails an elegant look with the gold and pearl jacket buttons and matching pearl earrings.

The simplicity of her jewellery is key as Coco Chanel said:

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”

Cool and Casual

10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - Casual Disney T-shirt Boyfriend Jeans

Faryal Makhdoom is a fan of the women’s fashion brand, Missy Empire. Nevertheless, this is her strongest look as a paid partner.

Again, it highlights her ability to mix high and low fashion. On a simple black t-shirt is an image of Disney’s Cinderella – another popular trend.

Makhdoom pairs this with cuffed and distressed boyfriend jeans. The blue reflects the same colour in the t-shirt. This co-ordinates what could seem disparate items.

Faryal Makhdoom continues to keep it simple with Chanel boat shoes and Prada belt bag. On one arm is a dainty watch, the other shiny gold bangles.

This outfit balances masculine and feminine elements, practical and pretty, all to great effect.

Cinderella Goes To The Ball

10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - Baby Blue Saree Mina Hasan

Cinderella seems to be a favourite of the fashionista as the Princess serves as inspiration for this magical look.

From designer Mina Hasan, Makhdoom is ready to go to the ball herself in a baby blue saree. In fact, this look is for her daughter’s lavish 2nd birthday party,

After all, why not wear a dress equal to the party’s cost of £100,000?

What’s particularly impressive about this saree is its ability to look deceptively simple in the day. Then at night time, it shimmers with the light material appearing like a shifting sea of stars. Similarly, the heavier embroidery on the sleeves and the tikka catches the light.

With soft curls tumbling down over one shoulder, this is one of the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom. It strikes the right balance of opulence and elegance, serving as excellent inspiration.

Ready for Action

The 10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - army pants

We love military fashion and Faryal Makhdoom works the style in the summer sun with oodles of swagger.

Mixing high and low fashion as she does best, she tucks her army plans from Boohoo in her Yeezy boots.

In their sand colour, Makhdoom could look like she’s about to sprint off. However, the high heels ensure she looks glamorous alongside her So Monroe sunglasses.

With their pointed shape, they create an enviable screen starlet look. Still, with a casual black vest and a Prada belt bag casually swung across her body, she makes sure to stay cool and practical in the heat.

Because of sparkly accessories like her watch, bracelets and and ring, Makhdoom proves that you can look your best and feel it, no matter your environment.

A Pop of Sunshine

10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - Yellow and Black Zara Outfit

Black and yellow is a striking colour combination and has to be one of Faryal Makhdoom’s best looks.

Makhdoom reinforces that a little thought can go a long way in creating a memorable ensemble. Instead of sporting only black, a sunny-yellow A-line skirt turns heads for a day-to-night outfit.

The makeup brand owner applies this same brightness to her golden eye-makeup while keeping her hair daytime appropriate. Swooping some tresses into a bun and leaving the rest to frame high cheekbones, it’s a popular style among young women.

In fact, a youthful vibe continues with a furry black bag charm and fishnet tights. This adds different textures alongside a black jumper with shoulder detailing – crucial to avoid more boring black.

Likewise, she dons shiny ankle boots, which are practical for a busy day. Finally, a taupe Chloe bag prevents everything from looking too matchy-matchy.

Most impressively, however, she reveals that everything, apart from the bag, comes from Zara. Whereas some of her couture stylings can seem out of reach, this outfit is achievable even for the average Asian woman.

Fun Florals

10 Best Looks of Faryal Makhdoom - yellow tassels

Another one of the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom is her celebration of Asian stylings is from Sobia Nazir.

Taking the traditional shalwar kameez, the print is delicate and ornate against the bright yellow material.

This subtle and painterly effect means that the print is equally refined in its colours. Shades of light green, rose pink and forget-me-not blue swirl and dance over the vibrant background.

Alongside the fringe detailing on the sleeves and doily hem with tassels, a final special touch is the neckline opening to reveal a delicate silver necklace.

It’s difficult to easily categorise the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom. She goes comfortably from Asian looks demonstrating her American-Pakistani roots to full-on Western glamazon.

Her fashion daring is impressive as she puts a twist on the classic skirt suit or doesn’t shy away from bright colour. Nevertheless, the most appealing element of her style is the combination of high-end designer labels with high street brands.

Above all, the best looks of Faryal Makhdoom come from when she has fun with her fashion!

An English and French graduate, Daljinder likes travelling, wandering around museums with headphones and getting over-invested in a TV show. She loves Rupi Kaur’s poem: “If you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise."

Images courtesy of Faryal Makhdoom's Official Instagram.