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Why is the only UK multi-award-winning and high-quality web magazine delivering compelling content to primarily British Asians and communities with ‘Desi’ (South Asian) roots worldwide.

Winning the UK’s Asian Media Award for Best Publication and Best Website in 2021, 2017, 2015 and 2013 has increased our brand awareness across many sectors of British Asian life related to South Asian communities..

With British Asians in the UK having a disposable income of over £3 billion, we are the one magazine website which completely connects with our target audience and is the perfect platform for business owners to promote their products and services with our content marketing expertise.

Being a globally recognised website, our reach is even further than the UK too with avid audiences from India, USA, Canada, Pakistan and Europe, constantly visiting us for our high-quality content.

Content sections including Arts & Culture, Film & TV, Food, Fashion, Sport, Health & Beauty, Taboo, Music & Dance and Trends, are ideal for your strategic advertising.

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We work closely with you and help find the best advertising solution for your specific business.

You can advertise your products and services in a number of ways with us, including banner adverts, competitions, marketing videos, and promotional articles.

Our editorial team is passionate and committed team with expertise in specific areas of digital content creation. We produce focused content marketing for your promotions.

Social media presence is a key aspect of the digital strategy for advertising. Therefore, your advertisements are fully supported by 24-hour social media promotion and SEO optimisation.

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