12 Vibrant Dance Classes for South Asians in Birmingham

Here’s a look into what Birmingham has to offer in terms of dance classes for the South Asian community. There is something for everyone!

12 Dance classes in Birmingham for South Asians

Dance is a wonderful artform.

Birmingham, a vibrant melting pot, offers a wide array of dance classes tailored for South Asians.

These range from classical and Kathak to contemporary styles, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of their origins.

Dance not only serves as a dynamic expression of culture but also as an excellent cardiovascular workout, aiding in weight loss and stamina building.

The classes are designed to be inclusive, welcoming individuals of all ages, genders, and races.

Everyone is encouraged to join, regardless of their skill level, to partake in remarkable experiences.

Furthermore, some dance companies provide opportunities for students to perform on stage and earn grades, showcasing their talents.

Aspire Dance


This is a lively and diverse dance school offering classes in various styles, including Bollywood, Street, and Salsa.

Anushka Parmar, the founder of Aspire Dance Academy, holds a BA Hons in Dance Studies from the University of Roehampton.

There, she deepened her passion and curiosity for contemporary, street, Indian classical, and Bollywood dance.

Moreover, Anushka caters to hen parties, teaches choreography for wedding dances, and provides students with opportunities to perform at various events.

Bollywood Dream Dance Company


Bollywood Dreams is the largest Bollywood dance company in the West Midlands, offering top-notch dance training, professional performances, and educational workshops throughout the year.

With over 500 schools taught and currently teaching more than 180 students weekly, their experience is extensive.

Students have opportunities to perform at both national and international venues.

Bollywood Dreams also provides performances for weddings, parties, corporate, and social events, where dancers are adorned in dazzling costumes and jewellery, turning any occasion into a spectacular event.

Drisyabharathi School Of Dance


This company teaches Indian Classical dances as well as semi-classical dances, including Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam, and Kuchipudi.

The dance classes cater to various age groups, providing dancers with opportunities to perform at venues across the country.

Participants will be beautifully dressed, with glamorous makeup to match.

The music to which the dancers move will be Indian Bollywood songs.

India Island Academy


The academy was established in 2016 by Sandhya Aaytee.

It offers students a variety of dance styles, including Bollywood, Indian Classical (Bharatanatyam), and Purna Vidya.

The academy prides itself on its highly experienced teachers who ensure that all students receive top-notch instruction.

Moreover, students have ample opportunities to perform on stage, both in their local community and at other events.

They also go through a grading process and receive certification upon completion.

Sonia Sabri Company


This company offers dance classes within a modern context, blending influences from Kathak and contemporary dance.

The workshops are designed to enhance fitness, well-being, and skill.

Renowned for its international reputation, the company welcomes anyone interested in joining its classes, embodying an ethos of fostering connections across diverse cultures and generations.

Their dance style not only encourages interpretation and storytelling, reflecting the experiences of various individuals, but also incorporates elements of Hip Hop, Folk, and Jazz.



The style is primarily Belly Dance, infused with Indian influences.

The teachers excel in their instruction, offering not only a supportive network but also in-depth knowledge of the art form.

For example, teachers like Sandra bring 27 years of experience to their teaching.

Students of any level are welcome, and the classes are designed to be accessible without being too physically demanding.

Additionally, BAMBA hosts events where dancers can perform at hen parties, weddings, corporate events, and more!

Ultimate Bhangra Sutton Coldfield


This inclusive dance school offers a wide range of classes, including adult lessons, advanced and beginner classes, choreography, intermediate sessions, private lessons, youth classes, and Bhangra classes specifically for adults.

At its core, the school specialises in Bhangra.

During performances, dancers don traditional Punjabi attire, which is both stunning and bright, adding to the excitement of their performances.

Both girls and boys dance together, their energy electric, utilising props and creatively exploiting the floor space for their choreography.

Bhangra Blaze Xpress (BBX)


The classes emphasise fitness through energetic sessions where participants can learn Bhangra while also getting a solid workout.

Offerings range from a quick 15-minute workout to a comprehensive 45-minute session, catering to both beginners and advanced participants with tailored workout programs.

Bhangra itself serves as an excellent cardio workout, and for those seeking an additional challenge, classes incorporating weight-bearing exercises are available.

Multiple locations in Birmingham offer these classes, ensuring participants receive attentive care.

Furthermore, the company provides opportunities for students to perform live, should they feel comfortable doing so.



Their vision is to inspire people through dance.

Fabric aims to encourage the development of talent and celebrate the impact of dance in daily life.

The company has achieved great success, with many students building reputable careers as dancers.

Led by skilful choreographers and teachers, Fabric’s ethos is one of inclusivity, welcoming anyone regardless of age, gender, or race.

There is a strong emphasis on dancers engaging with their audience while also improving their skills and stamina.

Nachda Sansaar


This dance company comprises several Punjabi Folk Dancers who lead classes based on the Bhangra style of dancing.

It is inclusive of all genders and races, though it primarily caters to adults.

The classes blend Bhangra movements with fitness, allowing students to learn a mix of traditional and freestyle moves.

Moreover, there is an opportunity to create new routines set to popular Bhangra music.

Atreyee Dance Group


Atreyee founded this company, where she teaches classical Kathak dance while also encouraging the promotion of Indian culture and heritage through dance.

Students have the option to take graded examinations in Kathak, which can help improve their skills and boost their confidence.

Additionally, students have opportunities to perform on stage, where the dancing is enhanced by stunning props, levels, and costumes.

Yuva Gati


The training encompasses a variety of styles, including Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Bhangra, Bollywood, Kandyan, Nepalese, and more.

Classes are designed for ages 11 to 16 and are open to individuals across the UK.

Moreover, applicants of all levels of experience are invited to enrol in the courses.

The curriculum focuses on body knowledge, music appreciation, abhinaya & poetry, Nritta & stamina, design & production, creative development, and building a repertoire.

Each participant receives a personalised training plan to support their progress in the classes.

Admission to the program is determined through an audition process.

Dance is a wonderful art form that encompasses culture, fun, and physical activity.

Joining a new class may seem daunting, but there are options available for all abilities.

Why not take a dance class and experience the benefits for your body and skills?

Kamilah is an experienced actress, radio presenter and qualified in Drama & Musical Theatre. She loves debating and her passions include arts, music, food poetry and singing.

Image courtesy of Sonia Sabri Company.

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