Indian Couple made Obscene Videos of Man to Blackmail Him

An Indian couple from Chhattisgarh allegedly made a number of obscene videos of a man. They later used the footage to blackmail him.

Indian Couple made Obscene Videos of Man to Blackmail Him f

the couple showed him one explicit video

An Indian couple were arrested on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, for allegedly blackmailing a man using the obscene videos they had made of him.

It was revealed that the victim was a retired member of the Tribal Welfare Department.

Police discovered that the couple befriended the victim before making explicit videos of him.

They used the videos to demand money from him. Over time, the suspects obtained more than Rs. 1.5 Lakh (£1,600) from the man.

The couple soon asked for more money and threatened to upload the videos online. This prompted the victim to inform the police.

The incident happened in the city of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Officers identified the suspects as Tapan and Roopa Mazumdar.

The victim told police that the Indian couple came into contact with him and over time, started to befriend him.

However, one day the couple invited the victim to their home and offered him a drink that was laced with sleeping pills.

After drinking it, the man fell unconscious. He explained to officers that Roopa then performed various sex acts on him while her husband filmed them.

When the man woke up, the couple showed him one explicit video of her performing a sex act on him.

They blackmailed him into handing over some money. The man gave the couple Rs. 5,000 (£53).

Police officers have confirmed that several obscene videos were made including one where Roopa is having sex with the victim.

The ordeal lasted around two months where the couple would demand money, stating that the victim was the one to blame.

The man gave in to their demands as he was fearful of what might happen should he refuse.

But the couple continued blackmailing the victim and showed him the video of Roopa having sex with him.

Roopa asked for larger sums of money, claiming that she might be pregnant. The man sent the couple a total of Rs. 1.5 Lakh.

Despite sending the money, the couple demanded even more money.

The victim refused and this prompted the couple threatening to make the sex video viral.

The man continued to refuse and eventually went to the police, explaining what had happened as well as the videos that were made.

He spoke about the couple. A police case was registered based on his statements and the couple were arrested.

While the couple remains in Civil Lines Police Station, police are working to recover the extorted money.

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