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snapchat queen - featured

“Snapchat Queen” jailed for Killing her Boyfriend

    Fatima Khan, dubbed the “Snapchat Queen” for filming her boyfriend dying on the social media platform has been jailed for 14 years.


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    Desi Dishes

    Dishes don’t always have to take forever to prepare. DESIblitz presents five fabulous Desi dishes that you can cook in 10 minutes!

    sacred games - featured

    Sacred Games: Netflix renews Second Season for Series

    Successful Indian crime series ‘Sacred Games’ has been given a second season by global streaming giant Netflix. Filming is set to begin in Autumn 2018.

    desi men moisturisers

    Best Moisturisers for Desi Men for Healthy Skin

    Every man needs a quality moisturiser to keep their skin in a healthy state. We look the best moisturisers which are ideal for Desi skin.

    tennis players - featured

    Most Successful Indian Tennis Players

    Tennis in India has seen some great players take the court. We look at the most successful tennis players to come from India.