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cobra in mouth

Indian Man puts Cobra Inside his Mouth as a Stunt

Randhir Mahto was captured on camera putting the head of a venomous cobra into his mouth in a weird stunt attempt in India.


Editor's Pick

Desi Dishes

Dishes don’t always have to take forever to prepare. DESIblitz presents five fabulous Desi dishes that you can cook in 10 minutes!

priyanka nick roka engaged

Roka Ceremony: Priyanka and Nick are Officially Engaged

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have formalised their engagement with a traditional Roka ceremony held in Mumbai with family and close friends.


What Do British Asian Guys Find Sexy and Not?

Looks, personality or something else? DESIblitz spoke to a number of British Asian guys to uncover what they find sexy and not in women.

Z Adventures - Featured

Z Adventures: Pakistan Karakoram Marathon 2018

Multiple Guinness World Record Holder Ziyad Rahim arranges the 2018 Pakistan Karakoram Marathon through his company Z Adventures. Global runners to compete!