Yo Yo Honey Singh sings ‘Brown Rang’ for Mehwish Hayat

Yo Yo Honey Singh posted a clip in which he was singing ‘Brown Rang’ for the Pakistani actress, Mehwish Hayat.

Yo Yo Honey Singh sings 'Brown Rang' for Mehwish Hayat f

A video clip posted on Instagram by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Mehwish Hayat has gone viral. It showcased the two artists sharing the stage together.

Honey Singh addressed the audience, saying: “Let me sing one special song for her.”

He gestured towards Mehwish Hayat. He then began to sing his popular track, ‘Brown Rang’.

Mehwish Hayat was seen blushing and hiding her face in her hands, swaying to the music.

After the performance, Honey Singh thanked the crowd and asked if any Pakistanis were present.

Spotting some in the audience and extending a warm greeting:

“Assalam O Alaikum everybody, Eid Mubarak.”

The clip has sparked a frenzy among fans. Some people have drawn comparisons to a recent incident where Arijit Singh sang for Mahira Khan.

They suggest that Honey Singh might be following suit.

A user wrote: “He is trying so hard to go viral. Honey Singh can’t be Arijit. And Mehwish Hayat can’t be Mahira. They are too beneath them.”

Some fans have expressed disappointment with Honey Singh’s live vocals, stating that his voice lacks melody.

One user wrote: “What has happened to his voice? He sounds so bad. An average man can sing better than this.”

Another added: “Honey Singh is all about auto-tune. Without it, he is nothing.”

Others have criticised Mehwish Hayat for collaborating with Yo Yo Honey Singh.

They cited concerns that associating with him could tarnish her reputation, given his perceived decline in popularity.

One wrote: “He is falling off. Which is why he is seeking to collaborate with bigger names like Mehwish and Faris Shafi. Mehwish is letting herself be used.”

Another said: “This is who our actress with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz is working with? Sad.”

A user questioned his choice for choosing Mehwish:

“Sir, why did you cast this Pakistani actress? There are so many better ones out there.”

Despite the criticism, many fans are excited about the potential collaboration between the two artists, who first teased their joint project in January 2024.


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The video clip has fuelled anticipation, leaving fans eager to see what Mehwish Hayat and Honey Singh have in store for them.

One said: “I wonder what they are working on. I am very excited as I have been a fan of both for a long time.”

Another added: “I like how these cross-border friendships are growing. We will create such masterpieces with both our countries’ best artists.”

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