Zara Noor Abbas celebrates Daughter’s Birth with Dance

Zara Noor Abbas flaunted her moves in a joyful dance at a party to celebrate the birth of her daughter Noor e Jahan.

Zara Noor Abbas celebrates Daughter's Birth with Dance f

“It is so good to see you so energetic Zara!"

Zara Noor Abbas has once again delighted her fanbase with a joyful dance performance.

This was during a star-studded welcome party for her baby girl, Noor e Jahan.

The party, called ‘Jashan e Noor Jahan’, was a grand celebration to welcome the little one. It was organised by Asma Abbas, Zara’s mother.

Videos and photographs have emerged on social media, featuring Zara Noor Abbas radiating joy and amusement while cheering on the welcome moment of her baby daughter.

She offered an infectious and classical dance performance to the chart-topping Bollywood song ‘Kajra Re’.

The song was chosen by Zara for her incredible performance.

In the video, Zara Noor Abbas can be seen dressed in a large white frock with a contrasting dupatta. It was wrapped adorably around her frame.

She flaunted perfectly synchronised dance moves in front of an enchanting crowd, who were dancing, clapping and cheering.

Other videos have emerged on social media capturing precious moments from the party.

One video features Asma Abbas offering the song, ‘Gulabi Ankhain’, while Asad Siddiqui plays the guitar.

The party was a big celebration with many memorable moments. This grand event had many renowned celebrities in attendance.

Zara Noor Abbas’ dance performance was a highlight of the party, and her fans have been raving about it on social media.

Videos have been widely shared on social media, with many fans congratulating Zara Noor Abbas on the arrival of her baby girl.

A user wrote: “It is so good to see you so energetic Zara! You’re so lively.”

Another added: “This was a long overdue celebration. Zara has not been this energetic for a year.”

One said: “So grateful to see how energetic she is.”


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However, others criticised the event.

A user questioned: “Does it not seem a little excessive?

“I mean, is the celebration for a newborn child who does not even know what’s happening? Or is it just for the sake of flaunting your wealth?”

One said:

“Shame on you. This is so vulgar and unnecessary. Why is she even dancing like that? It is so forcefully done.”

Another asked: “What is the purpose of wearing a neckline like that? Everything is visible. What kind of a shameless husband allows this?”

One stated: “Daughters are Allah’s blessings. Instead of giving charity and sadaqah for her well-being, you spent lacs on a stupid party that will bring your daughter more bad than good.”

Another queried: “How can she dance like this after a C-section? I am genuinely curious.

“Apart from that, she has now become a mother to a daughter. She should behave more decently now to set a good example for her.”

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