ODP Plus

Online Development Programme Plus (ODP+)

The Online Development Programme Plus (ODP+) is devised to give participants a great overview of learning, understanding and developing content creation and digital skills.

The 7-week course is split into several specific modules which target specific aspects of digital learning.

The modules covered by the course are the following subject areas.

    1. Digital Journalism – How digital journalism differs from print by needing specialised online delivery methods, using various tools for journalism including AI, blending digital and non-digital techniques, focusing on digital-relevant stories, and recognising time’s importance.
    2. Producing Engaging Online Content – Strategically researching, planning, and crafting online content by employing established methods, creativity, audience targeting, time management, strategic story sourcing, utilising online tools, and recognising the significance of images in shaping context and narrative.
    3. Blogging – Setting up a blog on platforms like WordPress, using it for personal journals, exploring lifestyle topics, employing digital techniques for content creation, managing and maintaining blogs, and promoting them effectively through social media.
    4. Video Content Capture and Editing – Storyboarding ideas, scheduling storyboards, researching and planning stories, capturing content with various equipment, editing footage and audio, and integrating images into video stories.
    5. Vlogging – Creating vlogs on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram using diverse equipment, focusing on lifestyle topics, employing digital methods, managing, maintaining, and promoting them via social media.
    6. Social Media – Recognising social media’s importance as a digital tool for content promotion, addressing its misuse and misinformation, understanding the responsibility of correct usage, balancing resources with social media platforms, and creating schedules tailored to audience needs.
    7. Self-employment, Freelancing and Creative Careers – Managing creative careers involves grasping differences between freelancing and permanent roles, meeting employer expectations, targeting customers, possessing self-employment traits, making informed decisions, prioritising workload, planning business strategies, handling payments, and addressing tax obligations.

These modules are designed to help you find out more about what is involved in a certain area of digital development. Therefore, giving you a taste of what is possible should you wish to pursue a career or skills advancement in the area.

Learning is made up of theory and practical exercises which shall increase awareness of each module. Each module comprises about 2.5-3 hours of learning per week on a set day.

The course intake will be split into cohorts of five people. Each group of five shall complete the 7-weeks of learning and development on the ODP+ before the next cohort starts. Therefore, after you enrol for the course, you shall be sent exact dates for the start and end of your specific period for the course.

Selection of candidates will be on a first-come-first-reserve basis. The course takes place in Birmingham city centre.

Upon completion of the course, you shall be given a certificate to certify your skills development with us on the ODP+ course.

To enrol on the course, please visit the link below to complete our online enrollment form (via Google Forms). If you are successful we shall contact you by email with details of the course and start date.

Enrolment Form Link

If you have any questions about the ODP+, please do not hesitate to email us info@desiblitz.com