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Welcome to DESIblitz.com! The largest and multi-award-winning UK based web magazine providing a unique experience of News, Gossip and Gupshup all with a Desi twist!

The term ‘Desi’ refers to a connection with South Asian subcontinent roots. It is derived from the word ‘des’ or ‘desh’ which refers to ‘country’ and in this case primarily India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. ‘Desi’ has emerged as a collective term that classifies culture and people from these countries.

DESIblitz.com is the proud winner of the Best Publication/Website award for 2021 at the UK national Asian Media Awards, and the Best Website Award winner for 2017, 2015 and 2013. It is an Aidem Digital publication and as a social digital venture, the magazine aims to deliver quality rich content to primarily British Asian and Desi communities worldwide.

Asian Media Awards - Best Publication and Website awards


Core objectives include providing very selective UK, World and entertainment news,  original and in-depth features, informative articles, exclusive video interviews and exposure to lifestyle, social events and cultural activities.

Our growing audience is what matters most, so we strive to create and produce the best of Desi News, Gossip and Gupshup to meet its needswhilst maintaining high editorial and journalistic standards, which matter to us.

About DESIblitz

Our lifestyle content includes British Asian and South Asian news, coverage of Film and TV including Bollywood, an insight into the world of Arts and Culture, vibes in Music and Dance, controversial subjects in Taboo, trends in South Asian Fashion, Health and Beauty tips, delicious Food recipes, Sports news and exclusive Competitions.

DESIblitz is proud to have an advisory board made up of individuals with tremendous skills and experience in business and industry. Providing highly valued support to the publication to encourage its growth. Go to the DESIblitz Advisory Board page to find out more.

All feedback and comments are highly appreciated in order for you to have your say and for us to improve our content.

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A key objective is to encourage and provide media opportunities for aspiring writers, photographers and talented media orientated individuals.

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