Drunk Ant McPartlin Car Crash "could have wiped out my family"

Drunk Ant McPartlin “could have wiped out my family” in Car Crash

Faheem Vanoo and his family were involved in a direct collision with TV star Ant McPartlin who was drunk and driving. The crash left Mr Vanoo claiming “He was driving like a maniac” and could’ve killed them all.

Abda Khan's IWD 2018 Talk examines Cultural Honour & Gender Inequality

Abda Khan’s IWD 2018 Talk unearths Honour, Shame & Domestic Patriarchy

Birmingham’s International Women’s Day 2018 event organised by author Abda Khan touched on issues of honour abuse, sexual harassment, and domestic patriarchy within Asian communities. The talk also highlighted the progress that women have made over the years and what more needs to be done.