Indian Couple caught on Camera getting Intimate on Bus

A video circulating online shows a young Indian couple kissing and getting intimate onboard a crowded bus.

Indian Couple caught on Camera getting Intimate on Bus f

the pair continue to pack on the PDA

A video of an Indian couple getting intimate onboard a bus has gone viral, causing controversy.

It was initially claimed that the incident happened in Delhi.

But after screenshots were shared, netizens spotted the bus conductor wearing a Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) uniform, suggesting it took place in Odisha.

The video, filmed by a passenger sitting in front, showed the young woman sitting on her lover’s lap.

He was seen kissing her neck and fondling her while she stroked his hair.

She then rose up, hair dishevelled, and the pair cuddled.

The cameraman panned his phone slightly to reveal that the couple’s PDA took place next to an elderly woman.

The woman was sitting at an angle so that she did not have the couple in her sight but her expression indicated that she was uncomfortable.

When the elderly woman realised she was being filmed, she covered her face.

The young woman then coyly smiles, unaware she is being filmed.

Her lover also smiles and the pair continue to pack on the PDA while the bus conductor goes around checking tickets.

As the bus journey continues, the woman eventually realises that she and her lover are being filmed.

With an embarrassed look on her face, she signals to her boyfriend that a camera is watching them. At the same time, she shifts slightly away from him.

The young man appears unfazed by the camera and his arm remains around his girlfriend.

The camera remains on the Indian couple and the video ends with the woman having an unimpressed look.

On social media, netizens were outraged by what had transpired and many called for the authorities to take action against them.

One said: “There are such unruly young men and women in society. The police should take the necessary legal action against them.”

Another wrote:

“Strict action should be taken on this.”

A third commented: “Shocking.”

One comment read: “After freedom of speech and freedom of expression, presenting: freedom of obscenity in public places.”

One user hit out at the passengers for watching the couple’s intimate behaviour, writing:

“The most shameless are the people sitting in the bus who are watching all this.

“The public is responsible for this. The public is enjoying for free. The shameless people who are watching all this.”

Shockingly, some defended the couple and said they were forced to indulge in such acts in public because there are limited areas for them to make out.

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