Indian Couples are streaming Live Sex and making Money

More and more Indian couples are now streaming themselves having sex. They sell these streams to porn websites, as a new way to make money.

Indian Couples are streaming Live Sex and making Money

"Thousands of Indians have willingly made this illegal profession their full time job."

Sex between Indian couples usually involves a sense of intimacy and privacy. However, many of them are now creating a profit for their sexual activities.

Recent reports have highlighted the increase of many relationships now streaming themselves having sex. They then sell the footage to adult and porn websites, creating a new way to make money.

And, they are earning a significant amount of profit, with some making up to Rs 15 lakh (approx. £180,000) per month.

One shocking revelation became highlighted after a man from Hyderabad was arrested for this type of activity. He had streamed live sex sessions between himself and his wife, without her knowledge.

Experts have also explained that an estimated 2,000 Indian couples are participating in these live sex streams in order to make money: “Thousands of Indians have willingly made this illegal profession their full-time job,” reveals a senior cyber researcher.

Kislay Chaudhary, a Delhi cyber crime expert, also added: “At any point of time, there are more than 2,000 active users and the total number may be extremely high as many are engaged only on part-time basis for quick money.”

Moreover, some have even performed sexual acts and stripping in their streams, selling them to porn websites.

Once they go live on these sites, the footage can potentially become viewed by thousands, even millions, of people worldwide.

Indian Couples & Changing Attitudes towards Sex?

Indian Couples are streaming Live Sex and making Money

Indian couples create this sexual content in a way to tease the viewer and encourage them to continue watching. First beginning with kissing and engaging with sexual toys, the streams turn increasingly provocative.

Some hold private shows for paying users, where they perform sex acts depending on the watcher’s preference.

But, why would they resort to this, given the possible consequences?

Well, it seems the profits earned are all too enticing. They are earned through users’ tips or tokens in cryptocurrency.

Indian couples can regularly find themselves earning between Rs 1-15 lakh (approx. £12,000-£180,000) per month. In addition, new sex streamers can gain Rs 35,000-60,000 (approx. £420-£720) per day.

With these attractive figures, one cannot appear surprised by the sheer amount of Indian couples streaming live sex.

Experts claim that these profits reflect an increasing demand for South Asian sexual content.

Combine this with the fact that porn websites now hail as a massive contributor to online revenue, it can seem very easy to turn on a camera and conduct live sex streams. Therefore, making it easy to generate a steady income for these couples partaking in this activity.

Indian Couples are streaming Live Sex and making Money

But, this activity hasn’t gone unnoticed by the police. With cases such as the Hyderabad man coming into light, police want to stop this criminal offence from continuing. After all, it falls under the Cyber Crime laws of India, the offence of publishing or transmitting a sexually explicit act, located in Section 67A of The IT Act, 2000.

However, these live sex streams suggest that Indian couples are now thinking differently about sex.

Yet, previously, the topic of sex had an aura of taboo surrounding it. You couldn’t talk about it, let alone bringing other people into you and your partner’s sex life.

But now, the internet and live streaming sites have changed all this.

While sex was once seen as an act of intimacy between two people, that attitude has now changed. Many now view it as a way to earn income, allowing thousands of people to watch the act taking place.

Whether or not the police take more action on this emerging phenomenon, it seems Indian couples won’t stop streaming themselves having sex until they are forced not to do so.

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