Indian Man arrested for Streaming Live Torture of Wife for Dowry

An Indian man has been arrested for streaming live torture of his wife as her parents watched. He demanded they pay him £44K worth of dowry.

Gagandeep and his wife Daljeet

"We feared the worst when we got there. Both of the men were seriously drunk."

German police have arrested an Indian man for streaming live torture of his wife. Both he and his brother brutally attacked the 28-year-old in front of a webcam as her horrified parents watched live.

Identified as 35-year-old Gagandeep, the security guard tortured his wife at their flat near Munich. While he and his brother attacked her at 11pm CET, her parents watched in India, roughly around 4am IST.

Reports claim that he made a video call to his in-laws in the late evening. When they accepted the call, they saw him and his brother, 21-year-old Amandeep, attack 28-year-old Daljeet. Not only did they beat and shout at her, but they made threats to kill her.

Gagandeep attempted to blackmail his in-laws by demanding €50,000 (approx. £44,000) worth of dowry from them. If they refused to pay the amount, the two would carry out their threat.

However, a family member quietly left the room and made a call to a friend, located in Cologne. Explaining what was happening, the friend soon alerted German police, who rushed to the flat. Upon their arrival, police discovered Daljeet had ran away.

They soon discovered the 28-year-old on the street; found with no money, mobile phone or any belongings. Police then arrested the security guard and his brother. They have charged them with grievous bodily harm, blackmail and attempted robbery.

Just days prior to the attack, Daljeet had shared on social media of her happiness with her husband. On Facebook, she wrote a status that read: “Love lasts forever. My life is great with you.”

The two married in India back in 2016; with some reports suggesting they had an arranged marriage. They also add that Gagandeep and his in-laws negotiated a dowry, but they hadn’t given the payment.

The 35-year-old first moved to Munich ten years ago, while his 28-year-old wife initially stayed in India after they married. She then travelled to Munich to join her husband.

Police Chief Josef Wimmer explained more on the case, saying:

“We feared the worst when we got there. Both of the men were seriously drunk. Her husband was demanding a dowry of 50,000 euros from her parents which he claimed they promised him to marry her but which was not paid.

“She suffered massive abuse. At one stage her husband threatened to kill her. And her parents were witnessing this, powerless to stop him.”

While the two men received charges, Daljeet is currently receiving support from a domestic violence organisation.

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