Aima Baig trolled for her Hum Style Awards Look

Aima Baig attended the 2024 Hum Style Awards, however, her outfit received a lot of attention and she was heavily trolled.

Aima Baig trolled for her Hum Style Awards Look f

“What in the world is she wearing?"

Aima Baig faced trolling for her outfit at the 2024 Hum Style Awards.

Numerous Pakistani celebrities have garnered significant attention for their attendance at the Hum Style Awards 2024.

It took place in Karachi and was a highly anticipated event in the entertainment industry.

The event showcased the glamour and style of the entertainment industry, however, certain celebrities faced intense public scrutiny for their fashion choices.

It sparked a heated debate among fans and critics alike.

Alizeh Shah, Hania Aamir, Aima Baig, Bilal Saeed, and others have been criticised for their perceived poor fashion sense, inappropriate outfits, and styling.

It has led to a widespread discussion on social media and other platforms.

Aima Baig, in particular, has been at the centre of criticism, with many fans expressing disappointment and disapproval of her outfit.

The outfit was deemed to be unconventional and bold.

The actress was spotted wearing a distinctive Western-inspired ensemble.

It was a backless dress that featured vibrant patterns.

The outfit was complemented by a frilled scarf that doubled as sleeves, adding to the overall dramatic effect of the look.

This bold fashion choice has led many to comment on Aima Baig’s look, drawing comparisons to signature Met Gala looks, which are known for being daring and innovative.

Some compared Aima Baig to a bat or ostrich, while others joked that she appeared to be wrapped in a towel.

People have expressed concerns that these celebrities are embracing a Western agenda and culture, rather than showcasing solidarity with the Pakistani community.

Aima Baig trolled for her Hum Style Awards Look

This has added to the controversy surrounding the event.

One user said: “No one invites them to the Met Gala, so they thought to have their own.”

Another said: “I’m not against what people wear but what the hell is this?”

One questioned: “What in the world is she wearing? Is this supposed to be a Desi Met Gala?”

Another commented: “Every other day she is being trolled for her dressing. When will she learn?

“If a lot of people criticise her so often, she should realise that there is something wrong with her.”

Hitting out at Aima and other Pakistani stars. a user said:

“They are a bunch of wannabes, we should all block them because they clearly care more about their looks rather than what is happening in the world.”

One user believed the dress was uncomfortable for Aima, writing:

“If they are not comfortable then why.”

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