Aima Baig confirms Split with Shahbaz Shigri

Aima Baig cleared the air weeks after fans noticed that she and her fiancé had deleted all their pictures together on Instagram.

Aima Baig confirms Split with Shahbaz Shigri - f

"PS: No more 'feeling sorry texts' please!"

After months of speculation, Aima Baig has confirmed she and her fiance, Shahbaz Shigri, have parted ways.

The former couple announced their engagement in 2021. Taking to Instagram, the ‘Baazi’ crooner shared that the duo is ‘doing good and fine.’

In a statement, Aima said: “Yes, I will always respect this person for giving me a good time.

“Sometimes, sh*t happens for a reason. And to answer all your questions, yes we have parted ways. But we are both doing good and fine, so don’t worry.”

The singer added: “I wanted to do it in the most respectful way and so I did.

“People can choose their ways of expressing their feelings, which define who they are from the inside.

“That’s me telling the truth to anyone wondering if they are or they are not together. And the answer is, nope. Me and Shahbaz are not together anymore.”

Aima concluded her statement with: “PS: No more ‘feeling sorry texts’ please! We are doing just fine.”

Eagle-eyed netizens saw that the couple were no longer following each other on Instagram in June 2022.

Fans took to social media to make their feelings known.

One person said: “Aima Baig and fiance Shahbaz Shigri have reportedly blocked each other on Instagram.

“The couple was supposed to get married this year, removed all pictures of them together.”

Another said: “Too long relationships without Nikkah end up with the breakup. Yessss that’s it!!”

A third person commented: “Things are not so great between Shahbaz Shigri and Aima Baig. Both broke up. Removed each other pictures and unfollowed.

“They were engaged and the couple was among the most loved couple of Pakistan. What went wrong nobody knows.”

One person urged others not to make such claims without conclusive proof.

“People are so shameful and disgusting they are throwing toxicity of their homes in the comment section of others, by saying katgya you won’t look cool shameless filthy b******ds.

“It’s so pathetic to bully someone without knowing the truth behind it. May Allah keep the couple happy.”

Aima and Shahbaz exchanged rings in an extravagant affair in 2021.

Explaining how they didn’t want to make their engagement a PR opportunity, Aima had earlier shared in Time Out with Ahsan Khan:

“We had decided not to make it a stunt. We wanted to keep it personal because it is something very personal.

“But, I felt really good when I uploaded pictures and I got all these comments about how cute we looked.

“I figured I should share more of my life with [my fans] and it turned out great.”

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