Did Aima Baig Cheat on Ex-Fiance Shahbaz Shigri?

British model Taloulah Mair has claimed that Aima Baig cheated on Shahbaz Shigri while she was engaged to him.

Did Aima Baig Cheat on Ex-Fiance Shahbaz Shigri? - f

"They knew the truth way before y’all."

On September 16, Aima Baig confirmed her split with ex-fiance Shahbaz Shigri in an Instagram post that was soon deleted.

A few days later, in a surprising turn of events, she was accused of cheating on Shahbaz with filmmaker Qes Ahmed by British supermodel Taloulah Mair.

After two days of silence by the singer and trolling on the internet about the same, the ‘Baazi’ singer took to Instagram to address the controversy surrounding her personal life.

Her note doesn’t give a clear answer to whether the accusations levelled against her are true or not.

She does however say that people should check the “authenticity” of the proof provided and not believe in stories posted for “money” and “followers.”

In a series of Instagram Stories, Aima Baig asked: “Have you all said your peace? Have you bullied me enough or have you still got some more left to do, go ahead and do it.

“Without even knowing the entire truth. Now can I say a little something?”

Referring to her breakup announcement with Shahbaz Shigri, she added: “Although I did leave a very respectful statement to put an end to this whole situation.

“But some people want to stay [quiet because] they know how many more ugly things would come out, not just about them, but about their families too.

“I still want to keep up with that respect that I gave to these people. In fact, to this one person and family because ‘that is not how my upbringing is.’”

The 27-year-old went on in a rather cryptic manner: “I don’t and can’t make fun of people who are deceased or how they used their significant other and then acted as if they are the victim.

“People who know this person personally have nothing to say about this matter since they knew the truth way before y’all got aware of it.

“And trust me they know why it happened.”

Perhaps referring to Taloulah Mair, Aima Baig said: “Whatever happened, I’ve been going through some major trauma, depression right now because people don’t know what actually happened.

“And these extras who just want some followers and money, please give them that so they can move on with their lives.”

Concluding, she asked fans to show some empathy for her and realise the tough time she is going through.

She also expressed her concern about how sharing “dirty laundry” without proof can enable a toxic environment for women online:

“It is me today, it can be you tomorrow. Clearly, this isn’t an easy time for me.”

“Take a moment to put yourselves in my shoes, I have never claimed to be perfect but that doesn’t mean I am what I’m being portrayed to be.

“Public figures are also human beings, please remember that.”

Shabaz Shigri hasn’t commented on the matter as of yet.

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