How Pakistan’s Adult Industry has Evolved

The adult industry in Pakistan operates within a challenging and complex landscape. Even though it is widespread, it is secret.

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved - F

"She sleeps with someone for about 3 lakhs."

The adult industry is a recognised and controversial sector that encompasses various forms of media, products, and services targeting adult audiences.

In Pakistan, a predominantly conservative society with strong Islamic influences, the adult industry operates within a complex and sensitive context.

Pakistan, as an Islamic republic, holds conservative values and places significant emphasis on adhering to Islamic principles in matters of morality and social conduct.

Consequently, the adult entertainment industry, including pornography, is strictly prohibited under the legal framework of the country.

The Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) explicitly criminalises the production, distribution, possession, and consumption of explicit material, equating it with obscenity.

As per search engine data from Google, Pakistan holds the top position, with China coming in second, regarding the consumption of pornography.

It is quite astonishing to observe that in Pakistan, despite its illegal status, there exists a high demand for explicit content.

Underground Activities

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has EvolvedDespite the stringent legal and societal barriers, it is important to acknowledge the presence of underground activities related to the adult industry in Pakistan.

These activities operate covertly, away from public scrutiny, and involve the production, distribution, and consumption of explicit content through informal channels.

The clandestine nature of these activities poses significant challenges for law enforcement agencies in effectively curbing them.

Online platforms have provided unprecedented accessibility to explicit content, posing challenges to authorities in enforcing restrictions.

Pakistani authorities have made efforts to block websites and impose regulations, but the global nature of the internet often circumvents these measures.


How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (2)Pakistani women, like women from many other countries, have seized opportunities to earn money by selling explicit content on Reddit.

For some, this may be a means to gain financial independence or supplement their income.

These women often create their own subreddits or join existing ones dedicated to adult content.

These subreddits provide a platform for them to share their explicit photos, videos, or other related content.

Through various methods, such as selling access to exclusive content, these individuals can generate income


How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (3)Snapchat, a popular multimedia messaging app, has gained recognition as a platform where explicit content is shared.

Pakistani women have found that utilising Snapchat for these purposes can offer a safer environment compared to other platforms.

For Pakistani women involved in the adult industry, Snapchat provides a platform where they can sell explicit photos and videos directly to their subscribers.

This allows them to maintain control over their content and choose who has access to it.

By creating premium accounts or private groups, they ensure that only paying users can view their exclusive content.

The ephemeral nature of Snapchat’s messages, which disappear after being viewed, adds an extra layer of security and privacy to their transactions.

Paid Video/Audio Calls

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (4)In addition to selling explicit photos and videos, women on Snapchat are offering paid video or audio calls as well.

This allows their clients to engage in live conversations, role-playing, or other explicit activities.

By conducting these interactions on Snapchat, women can maintain a certain level of anonymity and control over their identity.

This ensures their safety while engaging in adult content services.

Paid sexting, which involves exchanging explicit text-based conversations in exchange for a fee, has also gained traction on Snapchat.

Pakistanis are engaging in these text-based interactions, catering to individuals seeking virtual connections and intimate conversations.

By conducting paid sexting on Snapchat, women are maintaining a certain level of privacy.

They also have control over their conversations, reducing the risk of harassment or unwanted exposure.

Women who offer such services on Snapchat also promote them on platforms like Reddit and X.

Paid Hook-ups

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (5)Snapchat has become a platform where individuals can engage in paid hook-ups and sexual relationships.

Girls on Snapchat establish connections with clients who are willing to pay for their companionship, intimacy, and sexual encounters.

One of these girls is the infamous Fatima Tahir.

She became famous for her bold pictures and leaked videos. Her Instagram and Snapchat accounts show her in inappropriate clothing. Many users claim that she charges for her services.

One Reddit user says: “I’ve tried her for 120k rupees but it was a really sketchy deal, you have to pay some dude in advance and hope the girl comes but she actually showed up and I took her to my house in DHA.”

Another wrote: “Actually she is an escort, she’s a high-paid escort. No girl from any decent family posts her stacks of money after being f***ed.

“She’s a call girl nothing else and this is true she sleeps with someone for about 3 lakhs.”

Creating & Sharing Content on X

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (6)X, a popular social media platform, faces a ban in Pakistan due to concerns over security.

However, despite the ban, individuals based in Pakistan continue to access X using virtual private networks (VPNs) to bypass restrictions.

Both women and men engage in the creation of adult content, either individually or collaboratively.

They produce explicit photos, videos, or written content with the intention of sharing it with their followers or selling it for financial gain.

X is also used as a platform for individuals, both men and women, in Pakistan to seek casual hook-ups.

Users may connect with others who share similar interests or desires, engaging in conversations or arranging meetups for casual encounters.

The most commonly sought services on X are by polyamorous couples looking to experiment.


How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (7)The issue of leaked photos and videos in Pakistan has generated significant attention, particularly when it involves celebrities and influencers.

A notable number of individuals pay for leaked videos, often involving celebrities and influencers.

These leaked videos can range from personal and intimate moments to explicit content.

One prominent example is the leaked video of actress Meera Jee, where speculations arose that she intentionally leaked the video to gain attention.

Similarly, another case involves Rabi Pirzada, whose inappropriate videos were leaked, leading her to claim that they were stolen from her cell phone.

She subsequently decided to quit the media industry due to the leak’s impact on her personal and professional life.

Rape & Child Porn

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (8)There is no strictness in Pakistan when it comes to the possession and circulation of rape and child pornography.

Even though there are laws, they are not followed.

And those who disobey the law aren’t held accountable.

Many public pages with a considerable number of followers post ads for selling content of this type without fear of accountability.

Many sell the leaks of famous figures as well.

They sell all of these in bulk folders for as little as PKR 500.

Revenge Porn

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (9)The issue of revenge porn, the non-consensual sharing of intimate images or videos, has become alarmingly common in Pakistan, with devastating consequences for the victims involved.

In Pakistan, premarital affairs are not uncommon, as individuals often enter into relationships before their marriages are arranged.

However, these relationships can become fraught with power imbalances, with men frequently possessing explicit content of the women involved.

This power dynamic allows men to exploit the vulnerability of their partners, using intimate material as a means of control and manipulation.

Men who are not committed to them often show and share such content with their friends and peers.

Premarital relationships end and arranged marriages are pursued instead.

When that happens, the non-consensual sharing and circulation of explicit content by men become a weapon of revenge and humiliation.

Videos featuring Pakistani couples often obscure the men’s faces, while the women are identifiable.

This makes them more susceptible to social stigma, harassment, and emotional distress.

The leaked content may be shared through private messaging apps, online platforms, or even sold for profit.

The Consequences

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (10)The consequences of revenge porn in Pakistan are both severe and tragic.

Women who fall victim to the non-consensual sharing of explicit content often face severe social ostracism, reputational damage, and emotional trauma.

In some cases, the impact is so overwhelming that victims resort to desperate measures, such as self-harm or even suicide.

The story of a girl who took her own life due to the humiliation caused by leaked private videos serves as a heart-wrenching example.

The suicide note read: “I don’t want to live this humiliating life and am committing suicide.”

Even though the authorities found her clips on the internet, they could not find the person who had recorded and uploaded them.

Legal Challenges & Investigative Hurdles

How Pakistan's Adult Industry has Evolved (11)Addressing revenge porn in Pakistan poses significant challenges due to the lack of robust legal frameworks and investigative resources.

Identifying the individuals responsible for recording and uploading explicit content can be exceptionally difficult. This leads to a culture of impunity that perpetuates these acts of harassment.

The adult industry in Pakistan operates within a challenging and complex landscape.

Even though it is widespread, it is done in secrecy.

With its explicit content and commodification of sexuality, the adult industry raises important social and psychological concerns.

It is crucial to recognise the harm that can arise from the objectification, exploitation, and dehumanisation of individuals involved in such content.

Issues related to consent, privacy, mental health, and the potential normalisation of harmful behaviours must be carefully examined and understood.

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