Mia Khalifa details Changes she wants in Adult Film Industry

On the ‘High Low with Emrata’ podcast, Mia Khalifa spoke about the changes she wants to see in the adult film industry.

Mia Khalifa details Changes she wants in Adult Film Industry f

"The oldest profession, it's never going away."

Mia Khalifa has spoken about the adult film industry, revealing the ways she wants it to change.

The influencer became the number one performer on Pornhub after she appeared in a video wearing a hijab.

While it made her a household name, it also caused controversy.

Mia has since quit the industry and has labelled it the worst time of her life.

On the High Low with Emrata podcast, Mia told Emily Ratajkowski about the issues she has with the industry as it is today.

She said: “I feel like the age should be raised for a production company to own your rights to 21, at least.

“If you wanna enter the sex work industry, by all means, do it after 18. That’s the legal age, that’s never gonna be fought.

“You have to be really realistic about the safety and ethics around sex work because it’s the oldest profession in the entire world. The oldest profession, it’s never going away.

“The more you tighten restrictions on it, the more people will find a way around it, and that could be said for anything – the prohibition era exists for a reason.”

Since quitting pornography, Mia has found success on OnlyFans but admitted she was “so torn” about using the platform.

She continued: “I really wish that they would stop putting so much emphasis on the celebrity creators and the people that didn’t really build a platform.

“When they changed all those rules to try and accommodate the people who were fine and getting royalty cheques, that’s where my issue with OnlyFans comes in.”

Despite her doubts about OnlyFans, it allowed Mia to “take back” her autonomy.

Mia Khalifa said: “I should not be biting the hand that literally feeds me because it’s also the place where I found a lot more of my bodily autonomy, I was able to take that back.

“My OnlyFans has always been non-nude.”

“It’s very suggestive, anything that I post on OnlyFans I feel like could be posted on Instagram and it would be completely fine.

“I am doing it my way, in a way that I feel comfortable, and it is great. It is really good to have that for myself and be able to take that back.

“To share images of me, who I am now – not the child that is being circulated on the internet that I wish I could back away in that box where she belonged.”

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