Is Mia Khalifa Returning to the Adult Industry?

A series of racy photos and comments from fans of popular star Mia Khalifa has sparked thoughts that she’s returning to the adult industry.

Is Mia Khalifa Returning to the Adult Industry?

"If you consume porn, make sure it's ethical"

With a series of sizzling pictures and cryptic comments from followers, many have speculated that Mia Khalifa could return to the adult industry.

The former porn star has previously stated she would never return to that type of work. She said her three-month stint within the industry would “haunt” her forever.

However, some comments from followers have indicated Mia Khalifa could come back.

One fan, Emma Colley said on a social media post: “when is the big return?”. Another user, Tim Bickley stated: “I heard there’s something brewing for all the day one fans!”.

Another chimed in to comment: “I feel like we’re going to see Mia return to all our screens once again”.

Is Mia Khalifa Returning to the Adult Industry

Some of Mia’s 27 million followers speculated this could hint at a return to the adult industry.

Or at least, could be an entirely new partnership with a more ethical adult company, which Mia has advocated for in the past.

However, others shut down these rumours saying that the social media personality would never go back to porn, citing her previous revelations.

In 2020, Mia Khalifa posted on her Instagram, stating:

“Long story short: don’t do porn. And if you do, don’t do it with a company. Dot it for yourself, on your own terms.

“And if you consume porn, make sure it’s ethical and not from giant corporations who profit off exploiting women. Like your groceries, shop local and direct from the creators.”

Is Mia Khalifa Returning to the Adult Industry

If the superstar does not go back to adult entertainment, she is still pleasing her fans with spicy content.

She joined the popular site OnlyFans towards the back end of 2020.

According to the International Business Times, Mia is the highest-earning former porn star on the site.

She has over 580 photos, 70 videos and a further 320,000 likes, giving her a tremendous reach to all of those that adore her.

Is Mia Khalifa Returning to the Adult Industry

It has also been widely shared that Mia makes far more money on OnlyFans than she did within porn. Therefore, a return could be less likely. But, this is not deterring fans from having hope.

Mia Khalifa is now a big advocate for women and ethical rights, sharing her views and opinions across Twitter and Instagram.

She’s not against the adult industry as a whole but wants it to be a safe space for women.

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