Mia Khalifa aims Dig at ‘Manipulative’ Ex-BF?

The rumours that Mia Khalifa has split up with Jhayco continue and now, Mia has shared a post about manipulation.

Mia Khalifa aims Dig at 'Manipulative' Ex-BF f

"It ain't our fault you chose the a*****e."

Mia Khalifa has shared another cryptic post, seemingly hinting that her ex-boyfriend was “manipulative”.

The former adult film star had been in a relationship with Puerto Rican rapper Jhayco for the best part of a year.

The pair travelled to Ibiza and posted loved-up pictures on social media.

Mia even shared a racy confession whilst sharing secrets with her followers. She asked fans to send in their questions for her, prompting one to ask if she had done “it” while on the romantic getaway.

Not one to shy away from her bedroom antics, Mia responded: “Hell yeah.”

Mia Khalifa aims Dig at 'Manipulative' Ex-BF

However, it is rumoured that they have since split up.

Mia has also been sharing cryptic posts hinting that they did not end on good terms.

She has now seemingly aimed a dig at the rapper by sharing a meme on Twitter.

Mia shared a picture of a white door with a plaque that read: “Manipulation room.”

The tweet was captioned: “Men be like ‘I know a place’ and take you here.”

The tweet went viral and while it seemed like a subtle dig at Jhayco, the post backfired as many turned on her.

Many criticised her for generalising all men as manipulative.

One said: “Thanks for generalising the conduct of less than 1% of men to the rest of us.”

A person commented: “Yeah, so, just because someone manipulated you and made your life hell, this means that we are all the same?

“It ain’t our fault you chose the a*****e. There are real kings out there, just have better judgement.”

Others said that women can also be manipulative.

One person wrote: “I think there’s a autocorrect not Men, Women do this.”

Another said: “Yeah I’ve had women take me to that room before as well.”

There were some who accused Mia of being a hypocrite, citing her previous career as a porn actress.

One bluntly wrote: “Says the ex-porn star.”

Another said: “You’re such a hypocrite that’s actually funny.”

A third commented:

“But hey you rely on those men to buy your OnlyFans bs right? Who’s manipulating who?”

Mia Khalifa previously hinted that she was single after posting a TikTok video that was captioned:

“When you been emotionally mature through the whole relationship but you didn’t escape a civil war to raise someone else’s grown son.”

She shared the video, offering a disclaimer that the punching was a joke, writing:

“jk these hands only use prayer as a weapon.”

Mia also took to Twitter which left fans wondering what happened.

She tweeted: “Using your toothbrush to clean my jewellery.”

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