Pakistani Man aged 55 marries 18-year-old Neighbour

A 55-year-old Pakistani man married an 18-year-old woman after their shared love for Bollywood songs brought them closer.

Pakistani Man aged 55 marries 18-year-old Neighbour f

Muskan fell for him first.

A 55-year-old Pakistani man revealed that he married his 18-year-old neighbour after Bollywood songs played a big part in bringing them closer.

Their love story came to light when YouTuber Syed Basit Ali interviewed the “unique couple”.

Farooq Ahmed lived across the street from teenager Muskan, who is a talented singer.

Music lover Farooq took a liking to Muskan’s singing.

Farooq soon began visiting Muskan’s home to hear her sing. As time went on, Muskan became attracted to him.

She began hinting that she was attracted to him by repeatedly singing ‘Na Milo Humse Zyada’ from the Bobby Deol film Badal.

During the interview, the couple revealed that Muskan fell for him first. Farooq was also attracted to Muskan.

Farooq continued to visit Muskan and their attraction built up until Muskan asked him out.

The Pakistani man eventually confessed his love for her and the pair went on to have a love marriage.

However, their relatives and friends did not accept their relationship due to their 37-year age gap.

Despite the social stigma, the couple remained together.

Farooq says he is blessed to have found Muskan.

Both lovers stated that they are ready to go to any lengths for each other.

This is not the first time such a relationship has come to light in Pakistan.

Previously, a woman fell in love and married her servant after hiring him to help her around her house.

Nazia, a resident of Islamabad, lived alone and needed help around the house.

A friend then recommended Sufiyan, a domestic worker.

Others in the community also recommended the young man, praising him for his work ethic and willingness to help.

Convinced by the glowing reviews, Nazia hired Sufiyan to assist her with daily chores, paying him Rs. 18,000 (£61) a month.

Over time, Nazia grew to like Sufiyan’s habits, demeanour and worldview.

She eventually fell in love with him, stating that it was his simplicity that won her over.

Nazia subsequently asked Sufiyan to move in with her and he accepted her offer.

Whilst living together as lovers, Sufiyan continued to provide domestic help.

One day, Nazia proposed to her servant. According to the woman, Sufiyan was so surprised by the proposal that he fainted.

The couple eventually married and Nazia stated that she is very happy with her husband.

The couple even compared themselves to Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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