US Woman aged 40 marries Pakistani TikToker aged 27

In a case of cross-culture marriage, a 40-year-old American woman has tied the knot with a 27-year-old Pakistani TikToker in Rawalpindi.

US Woman aged 40 marries Pakistani TikToker aged 27 f

"I cannot believe that I have married Hafsa."

A 40-year-old American woman has married a Pakistani TikToker, aged 27. She travelled to Rawalpindi to do so.

The woman, named Daniel, is a resident of Washington DC.

She travelled to Rawalpindi to marry Afshan Raj, a TikToker.

Since getting married, Daniel has converted religion and changed her name to Hafsa Afshan.

Afshan explained that the woman had liked and commented on one of his TikTok videos. This led to a conversation in the comments section.

He added: “I cannot believe that I have married Hafsa.”

Afsan went on to say that there is a noticeable age gap but that did not matter as she gave up everything to marry him.

He continued: “There is a big difference between Daniel and my age, but I consider myself lucky that a non-Muslim converted to Islam because of me.”

Afsan went on to say that his wife researched Islam before accepting it as her religion.

“She made a WhatsApp group of people of different faiths to discuss religions after which she came to the conclusion that Islam is the only religion which is the best for this world and the hereafter.”

The TikToker clarified that he never pressured his wife and that she travelled to Pakistan of her own free will.

Hafsa explained that she is fond of Pakistani culture.

She added:

“I like Eastern culture, clothes and mosques very much. Pakistan is a beautiful country.”

“The people here are very simple and hospitable.”

Since their marriage, the couple soon became the talk of the town.

Friends, relatives and people from different cities have visited the couple, wishing them all the best for the future.

In a similar case, a 23-year-old Pakistani man married a 65-year-old Czech woman.

The man, identified as Abdullah, explained that he had been in a relationship with the woman for three years.

During that time, he repeatedly proposed to her and she kept refusing. However, Abdullah persisted and she eventually accepted his marriage proposal.

She explained that she had a long-running legal battle with the Pakistani embassy in Prague in order to obtain a visa so she could travel to Pakistan to marry Abdullah.

Following his marriage, the Pakistani man said he would like to have lots of children.

He also revealed that his marriage to the Czech woman has raised his status within his family. Those who did not speak to Abdullah now invite him and his wife over to their houses.

Some people have claimed that Abdullah only married so he could obtain a visa.

However, he dismissed the claims and said he did not care about a visa.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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