Pakistani Man aged 28 marries 83-year-old Polish Woman

A 28-year-old Pakistani man has tied the knot with an 83-year-old woman from Poland. The couple had met through Facebook.

Pakistani 28-year-old marries Polish 83-year-old in Pakistan

"It's a very long story but we just love each other."

A 28-year-old Pakistani man has married his 83-year-old Polish girlfriend in Pakistan after getting to know each other on Facebook.

The woman, named Broma, arrived in Hafizabad, Punjab, to meet and then marry Hafiz Muhammad Nadeem.

The couple has known each other for the past six years after meeting on Facebook.

During this time, their friendship slowly blossomed into a relationship.

However, neither had met each other during this period, maintaining a long-distance relationship throughout the years.

This is despite neither of them speaking English. As a result, they communicated with each other through a translation app.

Broma and her auto mechanic husband tied the knot in a traditional Pakistani ceremony, according to Daily Pakistan.

Nadeem expressed that he was happy that his bride, 55 years his senior, had embraced Islam in order to marry him. She has since changed her name to Fatima.

Fatima was pictured wearing a traditional, bright red wedding dress along with henna on her hands during the occasion.

She was also paid Haq Mehar, an obligatory payment given to wives from their grooms under Islamic law.

Nadeem had been due to marry his 18-year-old cousin just five days beforehand but had refused this.

His siblings said that his entire family were elated at the news of his marriage.

The newly married man said:

“Her hair is beautiful, her face is beautiful, her hands are beautiful and her feet are beautiful. Everything is beautiful.

“It’s a very long story but we just love each other. We just talk about marriage 24 hours a day.”

Asked whether the marriage was in relation to any visa issues, Nadeem replied:

“There’s nothing like that because I have my own business.”

When asked whether she loves him, Fatima responded:

“I like everything about him.”

He added:

“If she’s a bit older, it’s fine, I love her. If she says, I’m a bit overweight, it’s fine, I love her.

“If she says I have illnesses, I said there’s no issues.”

It comes after a 23-year-old Pakistani man married a 65-year-old woman from the Czech Republic in early 2021.

She had also travelled to the country to tie the knot with Abdullah after being in a relationship for around three years.

The Pakistani painter had repeatedly proposed to her but she had refused before eventually accepting his hand in marriage.

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