Pakistani Man weds Czech Woman with 42-year Gap

A 23-year-old Pakistani man from Punjab has tied the knot with a 65-year-old woman from the Czech Republic.

Pakistani Man weds Czech Woman with 42-year Gap f

the Pakistani man said he would like to have lots of children.

Despite a 42-year age gap, a 23-year-old Pakistani man from Punjab’s Gujranwala district married a Czech woman, aged 65.

The woman travelled to Pakistan to tie the knot.

The man, identified as Abdullah, explained that he had been in a relationship with the woman for three years.

During that time, he repeatedly proposed to her and she kept refusing. However, Abdullah persisted and she eventually accepted his marriage proposal.

Abdullah is a painter in Verpal Chatha while his new wife was a German and English teacher in her native Czech Republic.

She told Daily Pakistan that she had a long-running legal battle with the Pakistani embassy in Prague in order to obtain a visa so she could travel to Pakistan to marry Abdullah.

Following his marriage, the Pakistani man said he would like to have lots of children.

He also revealed that his marriage to the Czech woman has raised his status within his family. Those who did not speak to Abdullah now invite him and his wife over to their houses.

Some people have claimed that Abdullah only married so he could obtain a visa.

However, he dismissed the claims and said he did not care about a visa.

While he stated that he loves her, his wife said she would like to live in the Czech Republic. The couple are now waiting for the pandemic to be over so they can travel there and live there.

In a similar case, a Pakistani man’s wedding to a Vietnamese woman attracted a lot of attention due to their 41-year age gap.

Aziz ur Rehman and Nguyen Hoa got to know each other through social media.

After seeing her pictures on Facebook in 2018, Aziz became attracted to her. When they spoke online, he did not hesitate to tell her.

However, due to the age gap and the fact that she did not know anything about Aziz, she did not accept his love.

Neighbours believed that Aziz may have been targeting Nguyen for money, however, she revealed that she was not rich.

Nguyen was also sceptical about Aziz’s feelings as she did not know if he was being genuine. But when he continued speaking to her, she believed him.

When Aziz asked to visit her in Vietnam, she was surprised but welcomed it.

After arriving in Vietnam, the Pakistani man became more fascinated with his love interest as he liked her honest personality.

Aziz then decided to stay in Vietnam.

Following their two-year relationship, the couple decided to get married. They received support from their families and officially became a married couple.

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