Indian Parents kill Daughters believing they could Revive Them

Two Indian parents from Andhra Pradesh bludgeoned their daughters to death, believing they had powers to then revive them.

Indian Parents kill Daughters believing they could Revive Them f

screams could be heard from the house

A police case has been registered against two Indian parents after they brutally killed their own daughters.

The two victims were bludgeoned to death as their parents allegedly believed they had powers to bring them back afterwards.

The shocking incident happened in the district of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh on January 24, 2021.

According to police, Dr V Purshottam Naidu and his wife Padmaja “sacrificed” their two daughters as they believed they could bring them back to life in a purer form.

The couple were arrested and they reportedly told officers that they had received a “divine message” telling them to sacrifice Alekhya, aged 27, and Sai Divya, aged 22.

Alekhya had completed a diploma at the Indian Institute of Forest Management while Divya was pursuing a career in music.

Dr Naidu is an associate professor of chemistry at Government Degree College for Women. His wife runs a private coaching course for those wanting to get into IT.

Neighbours said the family had lived in the area for years but in the days leading up to the double murder, they could hear strange sounds.

When they asked what was going on, the Indian parents said they were performing special rituals.

At 9 pm on January 24, screams could be heard from the house, prompting neighbours to call the police.

Officers arrived at the scene, however, the couple did not allow police to enter.

After forcing their way into the house, police discovered the bodies of both daughters.

One daughter was found in one room while the other was found naked and covered in blood in a bedroom. Police also found several ritual items all over the house.

The couple continued to make strange noises and told police not to touch their daughters.

They reportedly said:

“Give us time till the end of the night, we will bring them back.”

It was found that one daughter was stabbed with a trident while the other was bludgeoned to death with a dumbbell.

DSP Ravi Manohara Chari said: “Investigation has revealed that while the mother bludgeoned the daughters to death, Dr Naidu did not stop her and just watched.”

Police said that the family remained isolated inside their home during the pandemic and did not allow anyone inside.

The couple have been arrested while the investigation continues.

DSP Chari added: “We do not know the full details about why and how the incident happened, but the couple were not acting normally when we reached there.

“They requested us to give them one day’s time, stating that the dead will wake up.

“After interacting with them, we got the sense that they seem to be in a delusional state, so it will take time to investigate,”

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