Wahaj Ali & Sonya Hussyn Criticised for ‘Vulgar’ Photoshoot

Wahaj Ali and Sonya Hussyn’s latest photos from a shoot have gone viral. However, it garnered a mixed response.

Wahaj Ali & Sonya Hussyn Criticised for 'Vulgar' Photoshoot f

They were also seen holding hands, their fingers intertwined.

Wahaj Ali and Sonya Hussyn recently collaborated for a romantic photoshoot with the esteemed clothing brand, Muse Luxe.

This brand is renowned for creating captivating chemistry between co-actors.

This was also seen in their previous photoshoot featuring Maya Ali and Hamza Ali Abbasi, which garnered immense admiration from fans.

The brand’s ability to create captivating chemistry between co-actors has been a hallmark of its success, and this photoshoot is no exception.

This, paired with their impeccable fashion sense, has made the photoshoot a visual treat for fans.

In the latest Muse Luxe photoshoot, Wahaj Ali and Sonya Hussyn attracted a lot of attention.

Sonya Hussyn donned a stunning white saree, embellished with copper and gold sequins. Wahaj Ali wore a baby pink silk salwar kameez.

The second outfit featured Sonya Hussyn in an ivory-coloured saree with gold details on the borders.

This was paired with a dark, attractive makeup look and a central-parted hairstyle, evoking the vibes of the 1990s.

Meanwhile, Wahaj Ali looked dashing in a white kurta and pyjamas, accessorised minimally.

Throughout the short video clips, the duo was seen engaging in deep eye contact.

They sat close while Wahaj had his gaze fixed on Sonya while she took shy glances at him.

They were also seen holding hands, their fingers intertwined.


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In another clip, Sonya was seen holding the necklace that Wahaj wore.

One clip that has brought more attention is where Sonya laid her head on his shoulder.

They received a plethora of compliments from fans, with one user exclaiming:

“This photoshoot is everything!”

Another added: “Wahaj is literally the most romantic hero.”

One said: “Wahaj and Sonya are a perfect combination together.”

The photoshoot showcased the actors flaunting incredible fashion options while engaging in various romantic comedy sessions.

Some believed that Wahaj’s captivating gaze and romantic gestures, combined with Sonya’s endearing shy glances, made the photoshoot truly unforgettable and remarkable.

However, others have criticised the photoshoot.

They have criticised the brand’s marketing strategy, believing that the brand’s approach – selling clothes through such photoshoots – is ineffective.

A user questioned:

“What are they actually trying to sell here?”

Another added: “Totally flopped marketing strategy.”

One said: “Most vulgar photoshoot by Wahaj. He looks drunk.”

Another commented: “This particular photoshoot is very repetitive and everything looks artificial.

“Not doing justice to the performance potential of Wahaj and Sonya.”

One stated: “Wahaj should be exclusive. He is so popular, he should not do such photoshoots.”

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