Sonya Hussyn reveals Sridevi Comparisons

Sonya Hussyn revealed she is often compared to the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Sridevi. She explained how they come about.

Sonya Hussyn reveals Sridevi Comparisons f

"Sridevi is really beautiful"

Sonya Hussyn has revealed that she is often compared to the likes of Priyanka Chopra and Sridevi.

The actress appeared on The Night Show and made the revelation.

The comparison to Sridevi came after Sonya’s drama Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida, in which she played a middle-class housewife who dreams of becoming rich.

On how she felt being compared to such big names, Sonya revealed the comparisons were due to her latest looks or the characters she portrayed.

Sonya said: “Yes, people compare me with everyone, Whatever the new get-up I do, people compare me with someone.

“Nowadays people say, ‘You look like Sridevi’, I got shocked after hearing that because Sridevi is so beautiful, they also compare me with Priyanka Chopra.

“Well, she’s beautiful too, I like Priyanka Chopra because she’s an established and successful woman but Sridevi is really beautiful, and it’s a compliment for me if people think that I resemble her.”

Sonya Hussyn made her mark in the TV industry with her selection of hard-hitting roles.

She is well known for her roles in dramas such as Nazo, Ishq Zehnaseeb, Meri Guriya, Aisi Hai Tanhai, Saraab, and Tinkay Ka Sahara.

Her shows were recognised for their intense storylines and Sonya Hussyn gained recognition for her natural acting skills and bringing justice to each character.

She recently unveiled her new look for her latest drama series Gangs of Kharasaan, where she will play an addict.

Donning a short bleached haircut, tracksuit and a cigarette behind her ear, Hussyn’s look shocked fans as it vastly differed from her usual looks.

One fan said: “Woah! It took me a few minutes to recognise you! This picture’s an indication that something strong is coming our way.”

Another wrote: “She is incredible. A versatile actress.”

A third commented: “She is hands down one of the most gorgeous actresses in the subcontinent, and definitely one of the most talented.

“She is never afraid of playing the most raw and difficult roles. I am SO proud of her and inspired by her.”

Sonya Hussyn is currently filming Sorry: A Love Story, which is a romantic drama.

She was last seen in Daadal, where she played a boxer turned contract killer in order to avenge her sister’s honour.

Traumatised by her drunk, abusive father, she trained herself to be the secret avenger of women. Her targets range from abusers to paedophiles.

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