Sonya Hussyn unveils Addict Look for ‘Gangs of Kharasaan’

Sonya Hussyn has shared her dramatic transformation into an addict for her upcoming film ‘Gangs of Kharasaan’.

Sonya Hussyn unveils Addict Look for 'Gangs of Kharasaan' f

"Murshid is another character that holds a special place in my heart.”

Sonya Hussyn, known for her atypical lead roles, has raised eyebrows with her look for Gangs of Kharasaan.

Revealing that she will be playing an addict, Sonya posted pictures of her look on Instagram.

She was seen with a short, off-coloured hairstyle, dry lips and a cigarette tucked behind her ear.

Dressed in a black tracksuit, the dishevelled appearance was captioned:

“Addicts are human too!

“Meet Murshid – Unveiling the first look of my new project Gangs of Kharasaan!”

Sonya Hussyn unveils Addict Look for 'Gangs of Kharasaan' 2

Sonya Hussyn is not one to shy away from playing hard-hitting characters, but her role as Murshid is the first in which she has totally changed her physical appearance.

In 2020, Sonya played Hoorain who suffered from schizophrenia in the hit drama Saraab.

Sonya’s role as Hoorain earned her praise and admiration for portraying beautifully what goes on in the mind of a person who suffers from a mental illness.

Shedding light on her new character, Sonya added:

“After playing Hoorain in Saraab, Murshid is another character that holds a special place in my heart.”

Sonya Hussyn went on to inform her fans that she would update them with more information regarding the project.

Since sharing the images of her new character, Sonya has received much admiration from fellow actors.

Ushna Shah commented: “She is hands down one of the most gorgeous actors in the subcontinent, and definitely one of the most talented.

“She is never afraid of playing the most raw and difficult roles. I’m so proud of her and so inspired by her.”

Fans also came together to praise Sonya for her transformation.

One follower said: “Amazing look. This is what you call versatility.”

Another added:

“This is why I love you Sonya, you always pick up these types of roles where there’s some type of lesson to everyone.”

In a previous interview, Sonya stated that she was not fearful of being symbolised for her project choices as she wanted to portray purposeful roles alongside glamorous ones.

She said: “When I started my career in 2014, I was offered a drama called Nazo.

“It was about a special child. A lot of people, including channels, told me not to start my career with it because it’ll ruin it.

“But I still did it, because I wanted to give that message.

“I did not come to this industry to solely become a heroine. I started work to send a message across and bring a change in society.

“Media is a big platform and your voice has the potential to reach the masses.

“When you’re a good actor and you can adapt and take on different roles, then I don’t think it matters whether you do romantic or tough roles.”

Gohar Rasheed will also star alongside Sonya in Gangs of Kharasaan but it is not known when the film will be released.

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