Adnan Shah Tipu compares Wage Gap in Bollywood & Hollywood

Adnan Shah Tipu has opened about the immense wage gap between Hollywood and Bollywood, sparking conversations.

Adnan Shah Tipu compares Wage Gap in Bollywood & Hollywood f

“Apart from that, I got to stay at a 7-star hotel"

In a recent interview with Wasi Shah, Adnan Shah Tipu compared the wage gap between Bollywood and Hollywood.

He also shared some intriguing insights into his experiences.

Wasi Shah asked: “Geographically speaking, you have worked in a lot of areas including Bollywood and Hollywood. Where did you get paid the most?”

Adnan revealed: “The best pay I got was from Hollywood.”

Adnan elaborated on the stark contrast in payment structures, stating:

“I had two scenes in a Hollywood project, and I got paid so much more than what I was paid for a whole Bollywood film.”

He highlighted the substantial difference in compensation for actors working in these two industries.

Adnan further underscored the contrasting treatment and benefits offered to actors in Hollywood compared to Bollywood.

In addition to the monetary compensation, Adnan also shared that his Hollywood project provided him with luxurious amenities.

He revealed: “Apart from that, I got to stay at a 7-star hotel with my wife for a whole week and also got business class tickets.”

The audience was shocked at how drastic the wage difference was.

Many netizens highlighted how this stark contrast was not being highlighted enough.

A user said: “If Bollywood pays less according to Adnan, imagine how much lesser Lollywood must pay. Feeling sorry for our actors.”

Another added: “Wow, this is eye-opening! I had no idea the pay gap was so huge between Hollywood and Bollywood. I don’t even want to think about Lollywood.”

A comment read: “He is so talented, the Pakistani entertainment industry does not deserve him.”

One wrote: “Adnan Shah Tipu is a talented actor, and it’s great to see him speaking out about this issue.”

Another commented: “This just shows that we need to do better.

“Our actors deserve the same level of respect and compensation as those in Hollywood.”

Adnan Shah Tipu has made a lasting impact in the entertainment industries of Pakistan, India and Hollywood.

His recent role in Green TV’s Standup Girl has garnered him immense appreciation.

He has extensive experience working alongside renowned artists like Om Puri and Arshad Warsi in Bollywood. He also received a standing ovation at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for his film In Flames.

Adnan has developed a unique understanding of the inner workings of various industries.

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