Influencer suffers Wardrobe Malfunction during Delhi Metro Dance

An influencer caused controversy with her sensual dance moves on the Delhi Metro and appeared to suffer a wardrobe malfunction.

Influencer suffers Wardrobe Malfunction during Delhi Metro Dance f

"This is a very dirty dance."

An Indian influencer caused controversy with her sensual dance moves on the Delhi Metro. However, much of the attention was on her apparent wardrobe malfunction.

Manisha Dancer, who has 500,000 Instagram followers and is known for dancing in public, shared the video.

She was wearing a printed co-ord and trainers.

In a Delhi Metro carriage, Manisha was seen skipping along while commuters went about their journey.

Some were baffled while others did not pay her any attention, highlighting that such instances are normal on the Delhi Metro.

Dancing to the Bollywood track ‘Kagaz Kalam Davaat’, Manisha began belly dancing.

One clip even showed her twerking while a disgruntled commuter looks on.

Manisha’s sensual performance continued as she squatted beside one of the handrails.

But as she danced, she inadvertently exposed her underwear. It is not known if the influencer was aware of the wardrobe malfunction but she remained unfazed as the video ended.

After sharing her performance in a series of Instagram Reels, netizens called her out for her “vulgar” dance moves.

One said: “This is a very dirty dance.”

Another wrote: “I’m ashamed to see how can she do this?”

A third added: “This girl has crossed all limits.”

Referencing the nature of the dance, one person said:

“It looks very nice to make your video bedroom.”

Some users also likened Manisha to a Mujra dancer.

Highlighting her wardrobe malfunction, some began posting crude innuendos.

A user said: “Everyone’s eyes are on the central government.”

Another asked: “Who watched this video more than three times.”

One comment read: “Hey dancer, your underwear is visible.”

Some believed Manisha deliberately exposed her underwear for the camera.

Others labelled the influencer “shameless”.

Pointing out that commuters did not care about her dancing, one wrote:

“No one is interested in his dance.”


In recent months, the Delhi Metro has become a location for influencers to film social media reels.

In many cases, they have been criticised for being obscene.

A video went viral in March 2024 of two women celebrating Holi.

However, their intimate way of celebrating Holi sparked controversy.

In the video, one of the women slowly moved her hand down her friend’s neck and applied the colourful powder to her chest.

The friend then lay down in her arms and the pair rubbed their faces together.

While they lip-synced to the track, things got more intimate as they got very close and looked into each other’s eyes, with one woman even supposedly kissing her friend on the cheek.

They continued to caress each other’s faces before lying on top of one another.

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