Russian Woman marries Pakistani Boyfriend

A Russian woman tied the knot with her Pakistani boyfriend, travelling to the South Asian country to marry him.

Russian Woman marries Pakistani Boyfriend f

"it wasn’t difficult for her to adjust in Pakistan.”

A Russian woman married her Pakistani boyfriend and is now living with him.

It was reported that the woman, named Polina, embraced Pakistani culture to be with Muhammad Ali.

The pair met through an internet forum and frequently chatted to each other.

Muhammad travelled to Russia and met Polina in person.

The pair shared similar interests, including travelling, exploring new cultures and food.

But it was one aspect that made Polina want to marry Muhammad. He said:

“We connected through a social media app where we used to talk in a community, when I met her, she loved my way of respecting women and decided to marry me.”

Muhammad went on to reveal that before their marriage, Polina was an atheist. She ended up converting to Islam.

He added: “She embraced Islam because she wasn’t following any religion and refuted pork and alcohol culture there as well.

“So, it wasn’t difficult for her to adjust in Pakistan.”

Polina travelled to Pakistan where she and Muhammad married in a traditional ceremony.

Upon hearing about the cross-culture wedding, many locals turned up at the house to meet Polina.

Polina has said that her in-laws have welcomed her into their family.

In addition to moving to Pakistan, Polina has learned to speak a little Urdu. When it comes to cooking, she has also learned how to make roti and parathas.

When talking about her move to Pakistan, the Russian woman stated that while she likes the country as a whole, she does not like rubbish on the streets.

She said: “I like some things and I don’t like some things.”

Polina was also unfamiliar that hosting many guests at the home was fairly normal.

But she could not help but be mesmerised by Pakistan’s northern regions. Polina said she loves the area because of its beautiful scenery.

After marriage, the couple started a YouTube channel where they talk about their life experiences and adventures.

In a similar case, a 24-year-old Pakistani man married a 65-year-old Vietnamese woman after meeting on social media.

Aziz ur Rehman was attracted to Nguyen Hoa but she did not accept his love, mainly due to their age gap.

Neighbours believed Aziz was not being genuine but he travelled to Vietnam to meet her.

Aziz then decided to stay in Vietnam.

Following their two-year relationship, the couple decided to get married. They received support from their families and officially became a married couple.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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