US Indian Woman commits suicide after 8 years of Domestic Abuse

A US Indian woman tragically took her own life after allegedly suffering eight years of domestic abuse at the hands of her husband.

US Indian Woman commits suicide after 8 years of Domestic Abuse f

"I have to leave my kids and go now."

A US Indian woman committed suicide at her home in Richmond, New York, after she was subjected to domestic abuse for eight years.

In a video, Mandeep Kaur explained the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband Ranjodhbeer Singh Sandhu.

In addition to the domestic abuse, her husband cheated on her with numerous women.

The couple are originally from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, and they have two daughters.

In the video, Mandeep said: “I am really very sad. It has been eight years. I have tried my best. I was beaten up every day.

“I have been suffering him and his beatings, thinking that he will improve someday. But no, he beat me up for eight years.

“Had extramarital affairs. We lived there (in India) for the first two and a half years and it was hell.

“Then we came here. He would get drunk and beat me up. Sometimes he would beat me even without being drunk. He would beat, me and on top of that, be with other women. I tried to put up with it for my children.

“My father registered a police case. Then he started begging, saying, ‘save me, save me’. I saved him.

“I tried to set everything right. But my in-laws didn’t do anything to help me. God will show everyone. I won’t say anything. God will punish everyone. You all ganged up and left me helpless. I have to leave my kids and go now.”

Watch the Video. Warning – Distressing Footage

Several videos of the abuse, which were mostly captured from the home’s CCTV cameras, were shared on social media.

One video showed Sandhu pushing Mandeep onto the bed and strangling her. Meanwhile, their daughters are crying and pleading with him to stop.

In another video, Sandhu verbally abuses her, saying he wanted a son, not daughters.

Mandeep’s younger sister Kuldeep Kaur said they spoke on the phone on August 2, 2022.

Kuldeep explained: “She told me how her husband keeps beating her and how he had been cheating on her.

“We had no idea that Mandeep would take such an extreme step.”

Mandeep and Sandhu reportedly got married in 2014.

Kuldeep claimed that Sandhu was previously deported from New Zealand before he went to the US where he worked in Miami for some time before starting his transport business.

Mandeep’s family said they will seek custody of the two children.

They also appealed to the government and the Sikh community in the US to help bring her body to India.

In a statement, Sikh Women’s Aid said they conducted a domestic homicide review on Sikh women who were murdered by their husbands.

“Our recent survey showed that 70 per cent of all respondents had suffered some form of domestic abuse while 35 per cent had experienced sexual abuse and exploitation as children.

“The Sikh community is in a crisis, and the number of deaths of women to domestic abuse is rising.”

Mandeep Kaur’s suicide has led to the hashtag #JusticeForMandeep trending on Twitter, with many pointing out how the case has thrown light on the toxic culture that celebrates masculinity.

Many also protested outside her home with signs about how society failed Mandeep.

One wrote: “Rest in power Mandeep Kaur, I’m so sorry we failed you.

“I’m praying for your little angels, may they grow up in a better world. May your love watch over them always.”

Another said: “Why do parents teach their daughters that if they wanna lead a so-called ‘happy married’ life she has to seal her lips for rest of her life, instead of making them sure that they are always with them and indeed doors are opened if in case she encounters any challenge.”

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