10 Stylish Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

Many men are indecisive when choosing Christmas party outfits for work. But, these 10 looks will help you pick and impress your colleagues.

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

be daring but stay true to your own taste.

Deciding what Christmas party outfit to wear to functions with your work colleagues can be a daunting process.

Office Christmas parties are all about having fun, dressing vibrantly and enjoying the energetic ambience.

With businesses running numerous events at different locations, there are heaps of ensemble options. But, which one is the best?

Undoubtedly, many men want to wear something stylish, warm and festive.

Whether it’s unlimited cocktails at a bar or a fancy three-course meal, these outfits cover all themes and settings.

Additionally, these looks fit all budget types so you can easily recreate them by having a quick browse online or in-store.

DESIblitz lists the 10 best Christmas party outfits that will astound your colleagues and have you glimmering against the lights.

The Black Tie

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

We’re starting with a more elegant approach to the winter celebrations.

Most office Christmas parties are quite intimate, however, for bigger companies, a more formal event is the norm.

A black-tie event calls upon the classic tuxedo which is impeccable on every occasion.

Especially around the snowy season, a tailored suit and smoothly pressed shirt will wow your colleagues during the party.

For those with a more daring style, switch up the traditional black blazer for a more festive burgundy piece.

To complete the look, opt for some polished black oxfords. Velvet loafers also work for a chic office Christmas party outfit.

Online retailer ASOS is a great place to start browsing for your preferred look. Ranging from £30 to over £100, the megachain caters for all budget types.

Casual Look

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

With office get-togethers happening across the country, most parties crave an energetic atmosphere in a more casual setting.

Pubs are popular options amongst Brits because of the array of drinks and traditional Christmas dinner on offer.

For these kinds of instances, a stripped-back outfit is great. However, that does not mean you cannot jazz it up.

The frosty weather means layering with oversized shirts, turtle necks and chunky knitwear is the safest option.

A dapper ensemble of white tapered denim jeans, a brown roll neck jumper and a dark green peacoat would look fantastic.

You can even top it off with a patterned scarf for that added dash of colour.

Suitable footwear would include some chunky Doc Martens or casual Chelsea boots which are perfect for comfort and style.

Christmas Jumper

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

Nothing says happy holidays quite like the infamous Christmas jumper.

This iconic piece, no matter how wacky or dashing, is a staple amongst the festive season.

Not only does it encapsulate the vibrancy and joy of Christmas, but it will surely make you pop out from the crowd.

There are thousands to choose from. Pick a classic navy piece with famous characters plastered on the front such as Rudolph or Santa.

Although, more flamboyant jumpers are beloved around this period.

There are thousands of themes, such as sports teams and movies. You can also find TV themed jumpers from classic shows such as Game of Thrones and Only Fools and Horses.

There are even snazzy Desi Christmas jumpers if you wanted a more cultural twist on this traditional piece.

Pair your chosen top with black jeans or even tonal cropped trousers for a more polished look.

The main key here is to keep everything else simple and let your Christmas jumper get everyone in the mood.

Razzle Dazzle

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

If Christmas jumpers aren’t your thing, then you can achieve the same brightness with a swanky shirt.

Flashy shirts have been prominent within modern men’s fashion.

Not only are these pieces available in numerous colour palettes, but they also personify the energy and glow of Christmas.

Floral, geometric or Aztec patterns look lavish.

Combine the shirt with dark trousers and a woolly overcoat will look ravishing yet keep you warm against the crisp weather.

Even more subdued shirts with a simpler print are dashing and will bolster up any Christmas party outfit.

The best thing about these shirts is their versatility. Wear them to a fancy meal or dress them down to a dance-crazed club.

Classic high street stores such as Topman, Zara and H&M provide an exceptional supply of flashy pieces for any style.

Whether it’s bars, restaurants or winter drinks at the German markets, slick shirts can be a fantastic option.

Keeping it Simple

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

If your Christmas office party is somewhere quieter, opting for a simpler look will suffice.

Simple does not mean less fashionable. In fact, it can often be a better option as it won’t take you too long to wonder what to wear.

Layering again here will give structure to your outfit whilst leaving you comfortable and warm.

A pair of denim tailored jeans with a plain undershirt and cashmere jumper would look great in a chilled setting.

Swap out the jumper for a chequered shirt and scarf for a more sophisticated outfit.

Both ensembles would benefit from a jacket. However, try not to over-layer and wear a thick coat – staying toasty without sweating is paramount.

Go for a stylish shearling or bomber jacket which are flexible and will work with most pieces in your wardrobe.

The best thing about a more simplistic Christmas party outfit is you can modify it as you dance through the night.

Keep your snug jacket on whilst bar hopping and take it off when you’ve reached your location to reveal a clean outfit.

The Formal Look

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

If your office party is in a formal location or for those men who love a mature look, going for a suit or blazer is fitting.

There are numerous options you can explore here.

Tapered beige trousers, a white shirt and a midnight blue blazer would look sleek, mature and fashionable. Or, go for a full suit with a pair of polished brogues.

Any combination of colour and fit would work but try a double-breasted jacket for something a tad more elegant.

A tip is to tailor your suit so it compliments your body and to not wear a tie unless the occasion demands it.

A nifty ensemble that fuses these elements of class and style is a pastel-coloured suit which you can easily wear with a pair of simple white trainers.

Instead of a shirt, go for a plain and fitted t-shirt or a roll neck jumper which provides an exquisite finish.

Stores such as Selfridges and John Lewis will have a catalogue of beautiful suits, trousers and shoes to achieve a seamless office Christmas party outfit.

High Fashion

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

With an increasingly inclusive fashion world, more men are experimenting with different cuts, fabrics and textures.

This could come in the form of flared trousers, cropped t-shirts or embossed knitwear.

A popular garment that is poignant for both men and women are oversized pants. Paired with a fitted jumper and heeled boots is an extravagant and fearless choice.

The best thing about high fashion is it’s limitless.

So, you can play around with accessories, patterns and unique pieces to achieve a daring yet trendy look.

Moss coloured trousers, a low cut t-shirt and a light green sweater is truly festive. Accompanied by jewellery such as rings will give that pop of shine.

Additionally, high fashion ensembles are perfect for any type of party setting.

Formal events will require more thought, but likewise, you can find wide-cut suits and patterned blazers to show off your fashionable prowess.

Clothing mogul, Sangiev, is a respected British Asian blogger and produces numerous gutsy outfit ideas to influence your office Christmas party outfit.

Normal Night Out

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

This idea speaks for itself but does depend on your office Christmas party location.

For those going to a lively club for cocktails, a normal go-to outfit is beneficial here.

Similar to the minimalistic look, wearing what you normally would for a night out will save a lot of time.

An open-button striped red shirt, black jeans and clean trainers would look charming.

Pair this up with a long overcoat and bright scarf for an added warmth and Christmas spark.

Even if your office party is taking place in a tasty restaurant, swapping the trainers for suede boots would leave your colleagues enchanted.

Moreover, if a casual shirt is not your style, a turtleneck or knitted polo would be excellent options.

All choices are fitting for an office Christmas party and their construction will leave you comfortable well into the night.

Summery Twist

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

Due to Covid-19, many businesses are using the Christmas season to relive the summertime. However, many people are also leaving the UK to have more exotic festivities.

For both occasions, Hawaiian shirts should be your go-to for these types of outfits.

These pieces are incredibly vibrant. The sunset and palm tree prints plastered all over these shirts will remind anyone of sandy beaches and clear seas.

Wear them with some white shorts and lightweight sandals when abroad.

Or pair the shirt with loose-cut pants and brown loafers for a unique summer-themed Christmas party outfit.

Interestingly, you can still achieve a warmer look without opting for garments that are outlandishly colourful.

For example, linen suits is a modern take on a classy and dashing formal outfit. Mustard or dark green palettes will work here, accompanied by a neutral undershirt.

Equally, replace the blazer with a tonal and lightweight knitted polo which will give summer aesthetics to a winter party.

Tonal Celebration

10 Best Office Christmas Party Outfits for Men

Whether your office Christmas party is at a hall, pub or restaurant, wearing a tonal outfit is a modern and refreshing look to go for.

A tonal outfit is where all the garments keep within the same shade of one colour, whether that’s brown, red or cream.

However, the vital point here is that not every piece is exactly the same colour.

This provides onlookers with an appreciation for each singular element as well as acknowledging the look as a whole.

In fact, this kind of styling can be applied to any type of party – whether it’s formal or more laid back.

An all-black suit with a dark satin shirt is an impressive Christmas party outfit that will amaze your workmates.

Likewise, a tonal beige outfit that utilises different shades of the light colour is equally powerful.

An informal outfit of corduroy trousers, a knitted sweater, an overcoat and similar accessories is a strong look.

A tonal fit can be daunting but after all, it’s Christmas and it’s a time to stun the office crowd with your unique style.

There are numerous avenues you can go down to achieve your desired look.

All these outfits are easily found at local high street stores or can even be recreated with items in your wardrobe.

The most vital elements are picking the right outfit for the night and expressing yourself through your outfit.

Don’t forget, office Christmas parties come around once a year so be daring but stay true to your own taste.

This list provides guidance to improve your winter closet.

But, don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories, cuts and colours and your office Christmas parties won’t be the same again.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Sangiev Instagram, Dmarge, Annabonny, Kapre Bene Instagram, Debenhams, Assets, Reyal Fashion & Apetogentleman.

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