Summer Beauty Essentials for Desi Women

Heat and humidity can be damaging to skin and hair. DESIblitz lists summer beauty essentials for Desi women.

Summer Beauty Essentials for Desi Women f

"It is so important to take care of your skin."

It is crucial for Desi women to nourish their skin and hair in summer, as the blistering heat can be harmful.

The swift transition from scrambling to find an umbrella on the high street to finally putting on the AC, only means one thing, summer is approaching.

This season brings dewy, glowing skin and effortless wavy hair.

But it can also cause breakouts and hair breakage.

Hence, Desi women need to take care of their skin and hair and purchase reliable products that will protect them from UV rays.

DESIblitz caught up with MUA Sherni Beauty to create a helpful guide on essential summer beauty products for Desi women.

Sherni Beauty Tips for Desi Women

Summer Beauty Essentials for Desi Women

MUA Sherni Beauty has been experimenting with makeup and skincare products for years, and she has picked up many helpful beauty tips for summer.

These MUA hacks will ensure every makeup look remains flawless throughout a hot summers day.

For plump lips, this MUA has created an easy, natural lip mask:

“Hear me out, cinnamon oil 1 tsp, with Shea butter is an instant lip job!

“This is how I get my lips luscious and so plump without any filler!”

Now for the eyes, Sherni Beauty reveals some of her favourite MUA tips:

“Black eyelash glue is a must for fuller-looking lashes, and it looks like Khol on the eyes.

“Using colourful pigments with a mixing medium can create any eyeliner look.

“I’ve been doing this since I found it, and it’s changed my makeup game.”

Moreover, this makeup fanatic understands the importance of skincare during summer.

To save money, Sherni Beauty recommends a cheaper serum:

“The Revolution Skincare 10% Niacinamide + 1% Zinc Blemish is one of my favourites!”

“This is a perfect dupe for the ordinary and just that little bit cheaper. Use this weekly. It is good for blemishes and scarring.”

Another affordable alternative for sunscreen is the Aldi translucent SPF 50+ spray.

“Now everyone knows I love a good bargain, and I’m always looking for ways to save money.

“This product is so good because it lasts as well!”

“It is so important to take care of your skin.

“I put a little in my setting spray and voila my makeup doesn’t move, and for £1.99, you can’t go wrong.”

However, it is important to note every person has differently textured skin, and some products might work better for others.


Summer Beauty Essentials for Desi Women - skincare

In summer, a regular skincare routine must be incorporated into every Desi woman’s morning and evening.

Of course, it is vital to nourish skin all year round. Since, in winter, the skin needs extra moisture due to the harsh cold air.

In summer, the skin should still be moisturised, and it must also be UV protected.

Some sun care products can leave a white, pasty residue on deeper skin tones.

Therefore, with the help of Sherni Beauty, DESIblitz has listed skincare products that will leave Desi women feeling fresh-faced.


Skin cancer is less common amongst BAME people, but this does not mean their melanin is a shield against the powerful sun.

Sun damage can contribute to the development of hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and acne.

Therefore, Desi women must remember to apply sunscreen every day, even in cold climates.

Recommended products for Desi women:

It is also important to double cleanse the skin after wearing, as sunscreen can clog pores.

Face Serum

Facial serums are vital for all women, especially Desi women, as it adds an extra layer of hydration to the skin.

Many different serums target specific concerns to the skin, from dry skin to blemish-prone skin.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Hydrating Mist

A hydrating mist is essential for summer skin, and they often come in small bottles and can be stored in a handbag for a quick, refreshing fix.

A mist will help restore moisture in the skin on those hot days.

Many Desi women will need this product, especially during wedding season, when they are rushing between wedding venues in the summer heat.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Lip Balm

Lip care is just as important as hydrating the skin.

The skin on the lips is often the most fragile and can take quite a beating from the sun.

Humidity and heat can make lips dry and even blister. Therefore, it is most important to moisturise lips throughout the day.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Eye and Face Masks

Since it is summer, there is no doubt every woman will be busy having the time of their life.

But when there is a chance to relax at home, face masks and eye masks are great for nourishing the skin.

Eye masks are applied under the eyes, and they help hydrate, de-puff and revive the eye area.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Skin is delicate, and it needs breaks to recuperate. Hence why a fun summer spa day filled with non-chemical face masks will be incredibly beneficial.

Summer Makeup Essentials  

Summer Beauty Essentials for Desi Women 2

Arguably skincare is most important, but new, colourful beauty products are a lot more fun to experiment with.

When one thinks of summer, images of beaches, ice lollies and colourful cocktails often come to mind.

Desi wedding season also prevails in summer, and Desi women are dressed head to toe in beautiful, colourful saris and lehengas.

These warm, beautiful colours can be translated onto the skin using vibrant, pigmented colour palletes.

These bold shades shine on deeper skin tones, with pops of peach and coral layers on lips and cheeks, accompanied by a pastel nail polish.


A beautiful, bold blush is needed for summer to add a perfect pop of colour to the cheeks for the ultimate glowing look.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Lightweight foundation

Lightweight foundations are great for summer, as they can be both long-wearing and provide full coverage.

Moreover, they are not heavy on the skin, and for those who have oil-prone skin, these foundations will be beneficial.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Lip colours

Vivid pops of colour on the lips are the usual go-to every summer.

However, it can be difficult searching for full coverage, pigmented lipstick that can offer a cover girl look.

Recommended products for Desi women:


On deeper toned skin, highlighters with golden and orange tones complement best. 

Highlighter is the finishing touch to any look and shines even brighter in the sun. 

Recommended products for Desi women:


Sun-kissed skin and bronzer are a match made in heaven.

The beautiful pigmentation of melanin skin glows perfectly, with a light layer of bronzer placed on the highest points of the face.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Hair Products

Furthermore, it is a well-known fact that as this time of the year approaches, so do frustrations and complaints concerning humidity and hair.

Alongside the skin, the sun can also damage hair.

Therefore purchasing natural hair products suitable for BAME hair will protect it from becoming lighter or excessively dry and hay-like.

Damaged hair often has signs of hair breakage and split ends. This can be worsened by high temperatures and chlorinated water.

To maintain healthy, thick hair, a constant and balanced supply of moisture will replenish hair.

Silk Scarf

It is vital to nourish and protect hair, no matter the season.

To prevent hair breakage and retain length, sleeping with a silk hair wrap or bonnet is key.

Furthermore, a silk scarf will lock in moisture and keep natural frizz at bay.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Hair Oil

From frizz to breakage, summer can increase dryness in hair.

Therefore using a moisturising and hydrating hair oil will help hair remain thick and healthy.

Recommended products for Desi women:

Applying the oil while the hair is wet will nourish it from frizz and lock in shine.

Additionally, once the hair is dry, more oil can be applied to further lock in the moisture.

The most effective way of applying hair oil is to use the recommended amount rubbed between the hands and smoothed over the hair’s lengths and ends.

Overall, summer should be enjoyed, and Desi women should not suffer frustrations concerning their hair or skin damage.

Therefore, by following these tips and purchasing these summer beauty essentials, a fun, carefree summer will most definitely be in store.

Harpal is a journalism student. Her passions include beauty, culture and raising awareness on social justice issues. Her motto is: “You are stronger than you know.”

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