7 Must Have Essentials for Women’s Sportswear

Breaking a sweat doesn’t mean compromising on fashion and style. DESIblitz presents 7 essential must haves for women’s sportswear so you can look good during your workout.

7 Must Have Essentials for Women’s Sportswear

Women want to feel attractive when they’re doing sports.

The worlds of fashion and sport have rarely been fused together.

In the past, women had to choose between practicality and style when working out.

In recent years however, sportswear has become a fashion statement in its own right.

Research shows that women are more inclined to begin their exercise regime once they have the perfect workout wardrobe.

With that in mind, DESIblitz have put together an essential guide for the must have items in a female workout wardrobe.

1. Sports Bra

7 Must Have Essentials for Women’s Sportswear


A quintessential part of a woman’s workout kit is a trusty sports bra. Choosing the wrong fit can damage breast tissue and cause sagging to your skin.

There are three main sports bras to choose from:

The Compression Bra: This compresses the breasts against the chest wall and is typically suited towards smaller breasts.

The Encapsulation Bra: This has similarities to an everyday bra, but securely lifts the breasts and is suited towards medium to large breasts.

The Combination Bra: Infusing the compression and encapsulation bras together, this is suited towards larger cup sizes due to its supportive elements.

Sports bras are definitely the most crucial investment within a women’s workout wardrobe, so don’t overlook its importance.

2. Yoga Pants and Running Pants

7 Must Have essentials for Women’s Sportswear

Yoga pants are the holy grail of female sportswear. These inexpensive garments are extremely versatile as their elasticity provides constant comfort, so are ideal for workouts as such as pilates or squats.

For heavier workouts, running pants are advisable. They are lighter in material and control perspiration.

Their breathable and resilient synthetics move more freely along with your bodies movements, which means when you do sweat, it evaporates quicker.

Stella McCartney’s ‘Stellasport’ line in Topshop offers sport savvy ladies workout-chic pants ranging from £19 to £60.

3. Trainers

7 Must Have essentials for Women’s Sportswear

Women love shoe shopping. But finding the right footwear for your workout seems to require a degree. With so much of offer, it can be hard to know which trainers fit your needs.

Minimal to moderate exercise is perfect for daily trainers. Adidas have a vast collection for this type of footwear, starting from £24.99.

Fans of cardio should opt for lightweight trainers or racing flats. These are designed to cushion your feet, and feel slightly lighter than daily trainers.

It is important that you choose different trainers for each workout. Wearing daily trainers for a high intensity workout will result in injury, and vice versa. Therefore, workout footwear is highly important.

4. Sweatbands

7 Must Have Essentials for Women’s Sportswear

Whilst many people use towels to wipe down their bodies after a workout, sweatbands are a great alternative.

This typical 80’s accessory is a popular choice with female exercisers as it is a quick solution to prevent the spread of sweat.

Their lightweight feel is ideal for fast paced exercises. They range in design, colour, and sizes, and have become a fashion statement as well as a gym necessity.

5. Insulating Jackets  

7 Must Have essentials for Women’s Sportswear

If you exercise outdoors, you should consider layering up during the colder months. Opt for thermal materials as they will insulate you during your workout.

Running jackets are lightweight, durable, and water resistant, protecting you against all weathers.

For some, wearing jackets indoors generates more sweat, and effectively, a higher weight loss. Hoodies are ideal for this. Their thick, fleece materials will provide you with the results you crave, while looking ultra stylish too.

6. Wicking Tops

7 Must Have Essentials for Women’s Sportswear


Wicking Tops are perfect for warmer days and summer months. Their hi-tech synthetics prevent you feeling overheated, and feel ultra light.

They work hand in hand with sports bras and yoga pants. Most breathable sports tops are sold in high street stores.

For those who want a cheaper alternative, lose standard t-shirts will also provide you with the comfort and breathability needed for a workout.

7. Hair and Makeup

7 Must Have Essentials for Women’s Sportswear

Whilst many ladies opt for a makeup free face, a select few wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without minimal cover ups. If you do opt to wear cosmetics, choose the right products.

Steer clear of matte foundations as they will only clump around your face when you sweat. Instead, use sheer foundations or tinted moisturisers, as they are light in texture and application.

Waterproof mascara is also essential. It will prevent your lashes from smudging and will last throughout your entire workout.

Women want to feel attractive when they’re doing sports. Lightweight makeup fulfills that need.

Breaking a sweat doesn’t mean you should compromise on fashion.

High street stores across the UK have launched stylish and inexpensive activewear. The right exercising kit works wonders for your confidence and approach to working out.

Feeling and looking good is just as important as the workout itself. Choosing the correct sportswear for your needs will ultimately aid you in your journey to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

So ladies, let’s work up a sweat, but let’s do it in style.

Danielle is an English & American Literature graduate and fashion enthusiast. If she isn't finding out what's in vogue, it's classic Shakespeare texts. She lives by the motto- "Work hard, so you can shop harder!"

Images courtesy of Adidas Stellasport and Nike

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