5 Must Have Winter Accessories for Women

Winter is just around the corner, and her chilling winds will be with us before we know it! DESIblitz has the perfect warm up guide this season, with five essential winter accessories.

the main difference between summer and winter bags is the addition of fur

Even though winter is still a while away, we’re already bracing ourselves for the cold front.

With the leaves almost gone and the bare trees feeling the chill, it’s time to invest in some warmer clothes.

Winter accessories are the perfect solution to the impending freeze, whether they be scarves, gloves or a woolly hat!

So to get ahead of the sneaky weather changes, DESIblitz brings you the ultimate fashion essentials that will keep you warm this winter.

1.   Scarves

5 Essential Winter Accessories

Arguably the most essential accessory to wear in the winter months are scarves. Scarves have that amazing ability to make you feel warm and cosy even if you’re in the midst of a blizzard.

Whether it’s a small fashionable scarf, like a Burberry tartan or a classic pashmina keeping out the cold this winter, we have it covered.

New Look have a variety of scarves on sale, ranging from checked to fur. For a more fashionable style, their soft and warm ‘Camel and Black Check Scarf’ is only £14.99.

However, if you fancy something a little more up market, John Lewis and Selfridges do a marvellous selection of designer scarves ready to protect you from the cold.

Reiss’ ‘Falabella Faux Fur Scarf’ comes in at £85, and is a glamourous look of fur.

2.   Gloves

5 Essential Winter Accessories

Mittens, gloves, and fingerless gloves will all help you protect your hands from the cold this season.

The chilling winds can encourage dry and cracked skin, which is painful, so ensure your hands are appropriately protected.

Gloves are a perfect solution to dryness as your hands will remain toasty inside whilst the cold bites outside.

Fingerless gloves are great for the majority of us who like to be on their phones whilst walking outside.

As most smartphones require fingerprint touch to operate them, so the fingerless option can resolve all your ‘cold hands vs need to socialise’ issues.

American Apparel‘s fingerless gloves are only £10.

However, if you wanted to keep to tradition and invest in some warmer mittens this winter, these Isotoner Tan suede fleece cuff mittens can be found at Debenhams for just £18.

3.   Hats

5 Essential Winter Accessories

Hats are tricky. Most of the time they can only really be worn by certain people who suit them.

However, we’ve found some adaptable hats for all head sizes to keep us warm this winter.

You can opt for a standard woolly hat, coming in all shapes and sizes but which remain a loose fitting woolly material that falls close to your eyes.

Maybe an adorable bobble hat, or it could be a casual winter beanie like the ones in the ASOS collection.

Of course, we cannot forget the fashionable head-band that jumped into popularity over the last two winters.

Headbands are used to keep ears and head warm, but are also more of a fashion statement, giving women a look of style whilst wrapped up in twenty layers of clothing. The ASOS chunky headband comes in at £8.

4.   Boots

5 Essential Winter Accessories

Little black boots are the keys to all our hearts. Boots are possibly the most essential piece of footwear you could buy in the cold months.

There are various different styles of boots, but the concept remains the same: feet do not get cold. Or wet.

Ankle boots flew into fashion in winter 2014, with heeled or not-heeled styles seen everywhere you look.

Topshop have a great collection ranging from £15 to £200. These really are the popular choice, both trendy and practical at the same time.

Alternatively, you can opt for long, or over the knee boots, which also came into fashion pretty rapidly.

You can usually get them in suede or a similar material, and they extend over the knee to create a look of sophistication. River Island does some for around £70.

Ugg Boots are also very well known within the winter world. They had their day a few years back, when every woman and girl you’d see would be wearing a pair.

However, their warmth and general concept will never go out of fashion.

Perfect for a freezing cold day when you need some TLC on your tootsies, Ugg boots will definitely protect you from the winter chill.

Slightly more expensive (between £100 and £200) as they are classed a designer brand, Ugg Australia offer a very versatile range of footwear, from outdoor boots to even snuggly slippers.

5.   Bags


Now, you’d think that most bags are adaptable to the change of seasons. However, there are some bags that are more suited to battling the winter wind than others.

For instance, a zip is pretty essential when avoiding the inevitable rain. But the main difference between summer and winter bags is the addition of fur.

The above fur handbag is available at Karen Millen for the price of £155. The soft fur compliments any outfit you will wear to keep yourself looking stylish this season.

However, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, New Look provide a little black bag for the cheaper price of £19.99.

These are our 5 must have accessories to protect you this winter.

Any excuse for a little retail therapy, we hope this accessories guide to keeping warm has you clued up for facing the wind and snow!

Katie is a English graduate specialising in journalism and creative writing. Her interests include dancing, performing and swimming and she strives to keep an active and healthy lifestyle! Her motto is: "What you do today can improve all your tomorrows!"

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