Winter Accessories for Men 2014

Men’s accessories have taken the winter runway by storm with urbanised sport and military looks. DESIblitz explores the winter accessories for 2014 that you should look out for to keep you on trend in the colder months.

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"Military. The template for menswear, is timeless, elegant and sexy."

The men’s accessories industry is continually evolving.

For men, practicality is now evenly balanced with creativity, variety and an abundance of style.

This season’s catwalk is no exception. 2014 winter accessories are the statement piece of men’s fashion.

With earthy, autumnal shades and fabrics ranging from quilted leather to canvas, there is definitely something for everyone. No excuses.

The Man Bag Army

Camouflage BagAnything other than a rucksack or briefcase has usually been shunned by the male sphere.

Bags are stereotypically and narrow-mindedly seen as a woman’s accessory. Take the iconic Friends episode, ‘The One with Joey’s Bag’ as a prime example.

However those days are over, as ‘the man bag’ marched down the catwalk with an army of recruits.

This season’s catwalk welcomed the boxy holdall, the clutch, oversized and foldover totes, as well as the classic rucksack.

The Clutch

Man ClutchThere is a reason this style of bag deserves its own section. Designers have taken a leaf out of women’s accessories and made the clutch bag masculine.

On the catwalk, the clutch was showcased by Versace, Valentino and Louis Vuitton.

The high street has arguably been a bit slow on the uptake with this trend, but Zara has made a good head start.

Currently the majority of clutches are black, but Zara have taken some influence from the catwalk, introducing a burgundy style.

This autumnal shade is a leading colour for the season. Prices range from £29.99 to £79.99.

Sports Luxe

Sports BagThe catwalk sportswear trend influenced both clothing and accessories. Caps, trainers, and gym-style holdall bags were given a modern, urban twist by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Ralph Lauren.

The urbanisation of this trend paves way for stylish accessibility for everyone. Gary Armstrong, Junior Fashion Editor for GQ Style says:

“The wearability and the functionality of sportswear, mixed with the elevated design hand is what makes urban sport really interesting.”

Zara have made more budget-friendly versions of the sports-style bag. Their versions come in quilted navy, black and grey. All of which, are prominent colours for the season.

These neutral tones are practical ways for you to stay on trend. Prices range from £29.99 to £49.99.


Studded ShoeJo Levin, the GQ Fashion Director says: “Military. The template for menswear, is timeless, elegant and sexy.”

This trend is incredibly versatile, with designers styling it both formally and casually. Dolce and Gabbana showcased studded snoods, shoes and gloves to represent medieval armoury.

Other designers styled the military trend with hi-top trainers, faux fur scarves and colour block boots. The variation in styling emphasises the trend’s versatility, accessibility and endless, creative possibilities.

The more casual variation was a mixture between the military and the traveller model. Both variations use similar shades of red, navy and green.

‘The Traveller’, as seen at Louis Vuitton, wore heavy, lace-up boots, whilst rucksacks dominated other catwalk shows. Both accessories are transferable to the military look, which is why both masculine models closely interlink.

Chelsea Boot

Its versatility makes the military trend one of the most accessible and personal. The colour palette allows you to stay up to date, along with making variations to pieces that suit you.

In the high street, All Saints, H.E. by Mango, and Zara have the military trend covered.

All Saints and Mango offer a variety of lace-up and Chelsea boots, to suit your military style needs. Colours include tan, browns and greys with prices from £100 to £180.

Zara have a variety of weekend bags and rucksacks, which are ideal for this look. Colours and fabrics include: grey and tan canvas, khaki raffia and navy polyurethane.

Whether you prefer a stream-lined attire or a variety full of fabrics, each trend is accessible.

One thing is for certain, accessories are essential this winter. What accessories trends and colours will you be investing in? What pieces have you got your eye on?

Lauren is an English Literature graduate, as well as a fashion enthusiast and blogger. Consequently, she is either always reading, or browsing online at clothes that she cannot afford! Her motto: “Nothing will work unless you do” (Maya Angelou).