5 Stylish Summer Essentials for Desi Men

With wardrobes gearing up for a summer revamp, DESIblitz lists 5 stylish summer essentials for Desi men that will impress in the heat.

5 Stylish Summer Essentials for Desi Men - f

These t-shirts are continuing to attract many Desi men.

The season of summer means hotter and warmer days. It’s a time when wardrobes are going under massive revamps to get ready for the upcoming heat.

It’s a time when Desi men will be looking to ditch their winter warmers, to have a more fresh and stylish look.

Replacing those heavy turtle-necks, wool cardigans and thick trousers with wispy shirts, bright polos and comfy shorts.

Summer is the season of dressing freely and looking cool whilst feeling cool.

Minimal effort is a must during the warmer months so there is more time to enjoy the blue skies, beaming atmosphere and scorching heat.

It’s vital for Desi men to have some summer essentials that are reusable and won’t go out of fashion.

The best thing about owning these items is that they’re applicable to different outfit ideas, occasions and temperatures.

So whether it’s a daytime barbeque or a summery dinner party, these five essentials will help improve any outfit.

Summer Trainers

5 Stylish Summer Essentials for Desi Men - trainers

The first essential that should be on the top of every Desi man’s list is the summer trainer.

The difference between this specific style compared to others is its versatility.

Minimal, lightweight and stylish, these trainers work with every outfit.

They tend to have a simplistic style without massive branding or patterns and are normally in one block colour to keep it neutral.

Paired with shorts and a simple polo, summer trainers are sleek and comfortable enough to enjoy those scrumptious picnics and warm walks.

However, you can also dress the trainers up with some fitted linen trousers and a snazzy shirt, perfect for hot office days or evening drinks.

Another great feature of summer trainers is that they’re inexpensive.

Popular high-street stores like H&M, Zara and Topman all stock these humble pieces with their very own definitive designs.

Even online stores such as ASOS and Boohoo stock a great range of summer trainers that start from £15.99.

Men can also experiment with different fabrics such as leather and suede.

Although these are best suited for the evening, the small difference adds the definitive touch to an outfit.

Stylish Sunglasses

5 Stylish Summer Essentials for Desi Men - sunglasses

As one of the most used items during summer, it’s imperative that Desi men have a good set of sunglasses to flaunt in.

Unlike trainers where you have the freedom of cheaper alternatives, expensive sunglasses will work out cheaper in the long run.

Formidable brands such as Rayban and Oakley hover around £140 but the amount of use justifies the price.

However, those wishing not to overcommit can utilise brands such as Superdry and Izipizi which retail sunglasses for £35.

Sunglasses deliver crispness to every outfit and they pair easily with most garments for multiple occasions.

Savvy black shades work nicely with shirts for work commutes or with loafers for a classy touch on afternoon dates.

It’s important to note that there are many styles of sunglasses, but men should be aware of the sunglasses that they’re picking.

Sunglasses are built for different face shapes, so it’s vital to try on the spectacles where possible.

A handy tool developed by Sunglass Hut allows men to determine their face shape by answering 3 simple questions.

Rectangular frames are suited for circular faces whereas more defined face shapes benefit from rounder frames.

Prescription sunglasses have also become highly popular among men, ideal for those relaxing days sunbathing.

Whether it’s aviators or wayfarers, Desi men should definitely be stocking up on this essential piece.

The Fitted T-Shirt

5 Stylish Summer Essentials for Desi Men - t-shirt


Whether it’s cotton or linen, a polo or a graphic design t-shirt, it’s the most used piece of clothing men own.

Easy to throw on and even easier to pair up, this essential garment should be utilised in as many ways as possible.

Some can confuse the comfort of a t-shirt with the size of it, assuming the bigger the better but this is not the case.

A great t-shirt is complementary to one’s body, it should not be tight but rather fitter and breathable.

The most common use is for everyday wear because of the garments comfortability, but you can dress up the most ‘basic’ t-shirts.

A plain white t-shirt is impeccable when paired with pastel shorts for a refreshing look.

However, take that same t-shirt and pair it with neon trousers for festivals. Or layer it underneath a flowery silk shirt to impress dinner guests.

A great alternative is linen t-shirts and tops. Symbolising the true essence of summer, linen is a material unmatched during those sweltering days.

The added elegance of the linen fabric instantly enhances any outfit and works well in both bright and neutral colours.

In a society where colours and patterns are prominent in fashion, flamboyant t-shirts have been popular among men.

Using colourful flowers, birds and loud patterns, these t-shirts are continuing to attract many Desi men.

Surprisingly starting from £35, established brands such as Ben Sherman, Ted Baker and Tommy Hilfiger have been at the forefront of these designs.

These statement pieces can be used for impressive daily wear or dressed up with chinos for a slick alternative to jumpers or cardigans.

Slim Chinos

5 Stylish Summer Essentials for Desi Men - chinos

Shorts are the go-to for men during summer as they’re not difficult to style and offers the breathability that men want.

However, a slim-fitting pair of chinos work extremely well when used correctly.

Casually it can be worn with a graphic t-shirt for a temperature-controlled errand run.

Or it can be paired with a tucked in linen shirt to wear to bars that you would not allow shorts.

Similar to the other essentials listed, it’s important for men to choose the best fit that suits their body.

Baggy chinos will make one’s appearance seem messy whilst ‘skinny’ chinos kill the silhouette of an outfit.

A great tip to instantly tailor chinos is to turn up the cuff which makes them appear more fitted.

When turned up enough, the chinos will have a cropped leg which looks incredible with summer boots or sandals.

Starting from as little as £12, chinos are available from the majority of retail stores.

They offer a middle ground between informal shorts and thicker undesirable trousers such as jeans.

Neutral colours like beige, navy and maroon work very well with almost anything.

However, men should be more experimental and opt for colours like lilac and salmon which can transcend any look.

Summer Scent

5 Stylish Summer Essentials for Desi Men - dior

One of the biggest concerns for men during summer is perspiration.

Having a great summer scent is one of the most overlooked essentials for the season.

Some men think their everyday aftershave is suitable for the sun, but that’s a mistake.

One may use a cologne that has deep scents such as leather and wood which does not react well when infusing the hot air.

Whereas lighter tones such as lemon and vanilla remain fresh among the heat and won’t overwhelm the senses.

Fragrances such as Acqua Originale by Green Neroli or the popular Dior Sauvage are great options to start developing your preferred scent.

Most aftershaves retail from £40 upwards, but it’s important to remember that a small bottle goes a long way.

Many men forget the intensity of cologne lingers when overused which is not ideal because it’s overpowering.

A spray-on each wrist then rubbed together and spread across the neck is the best way to brandish that fresh smell.

Planning Ahead

All the items listed are formidable summer essentials that every Desi man should acquire.

With most items being inexpensive yet versatile, these summer tools will assist in building up every man’s wardrobe.

Not all of these pieces have to be bought together, even one garment can change multiple future outfits.

This means these basic necessities during summer can still be put to good use.

A critical factor is to explore different stores and online shops in order to engage your own style and what you desire.

Especially with clothes as they can be designed in multiple cuts, fabrics and designs that look entirely different when on the body.

Explore different colours and shades. Don’t always go for your favourite colours. Summer is a time for vibrancy and panache.

Overall, these simple pieces will make the world of difference and introduce a whole new outlook in the summer for Desi men.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

Images courtesy of Saif Ali Khan Instagram, Arjun Kapoor Instagram, Ranveer Singh Instagram, Facebook, Dior & Andrew Snavely.

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