7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses

Although a casual shoe, trainers do not have to be restricted to casual outfits. We look at seven types of trainer to wear with your dresses.

7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses f

Plus, they never go out of style.

Until recently, trainers have been exclusively saved for athleisurewear and casual clothing.

But trainers are versatile and are a comfortable and fashionable pairing with just about any outfit – including a dress.

Unlike gym wear and jeans, not every pair of trainers works with every kind of dress.

When it comes to pairing trainers with dresses, there are a greater number of elements to consider before deciding exactly which pair works best.

The length and fabric of the dress are both factors to think about before deciding on a shoe to pair it with.

A high-top trainer tends to work well with mini dresses, and chunkier trainers look stylish with a maxi dress.

The dress’ design is also important, as a patterned trainer is less likely to work alongside a patterned dress.

If your dress has a lot going on in terms of pattern and detail, then a classic tennis shoe is more often the way to go.

We look at seven styles of trainer to wear with your dresses.

Sleek White

7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses - white -

A pair of simple white trainers will go with just about any dress in your wardrobe.

Whether you prefer a chunky lace-up or a flat slip-on, a white shoe can work with a dress of any length, pattern or colour.

Plus, they never go out of style.

Footwear brands such as Vans and Nike offer a range of stylish white trainers to choose from.

So, you are never at a loose end when it comes to the perfect trainer for your dress.

Chunky Runners

7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses - chunky -

Recently, running shoes have been re-envisioned for not only exercise but also leisurewear and comfort.

As a result, chunky runners are being worn for multiple occasions.

Shoes with chunkier soles are ideal for mid-length dresses, and a pair of New Balance trainers can be worn with an array of materials and colours.

Leather Neutrals

7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses - leather -

Leather trainers offer the perfect balance between comfort and style.

As a versatile material, leather trainers can be worn with dresses for casual and smart occasions.

They also work with a wealth of materials ranging from denim to cotton.

Neutral leathers work best with a floral or striped number. However, if you prefer patterned footwear, it may be best to pair them with a plainer dress.

Adidas offer a range of leather trainers in different colours and styles.


7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses - high-tops -

High-top trainers work well with shorter-length dresses, but can also be styled to suit a dress of any length.

Brands such as Converse offer a wide range of high-top trainers, and their All Stars come in various materials and sizes.

So, depending on the pattern, colour and material, a pair of high-tops can work with just about any dress in your wardrobe.

Statement Trainers

7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses - statement -

Bold, chunky trainers that make a statement are popular. They can be paired with a maxi dress for a unique and comfortable style.

Due to the boldness of the footwear, it may also favour well to keep the dress simple.

Examples of statement trainers are Balenciaga’s Triple-S and Versace’s Bubble trainers.

However, brands such as SheIn offer statement trainer options that are stylish and priced to suit all budgets.

Canvas Comforts

7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses - canvas -

Canvas trainers are the epitome of comfort and tend to suit more casual attires.

A pair of canvases are also the perfect style staple for a summer outfit.

A simple cotton or linen midi dress is a perfect pairing with casual shoes, and Indian brand Myntra offer a variety of simple-yet-effective canvas trainers.

Pop of Colour

7 Best Trainers to Wear with Your Dresses - colour -

A colourful shoe can fill a gap in an outfit that you may not realise is there. Colours can also coordinate or contrast with a dress to make an outfit work.

Maybe you prefer a wild and vibrant shoe to pair with a dress you have, or maybe you need a more discreet hint of colour to compliment a plainer number.

Many different brands offer footwear with both minimum and maximum colour, and trainers such as Adidas Superstars provide a perfect range of choice.

Although a casual shoe, trainers are not restricted to casual clothing.

Dresses can be worn all year round and for multiple occasions, and so can trainers.

The key is to find a pairing that will suit you.

Louise is an English and Writing graduate with a passion for travel, skiing and playing the piano. She also has a personal blog which she updates regularly. Her motto is "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Images courtesy of Katrina Kaif Instagram, Lilly Singh Instagram, Office, Zalando, Adidas, Converse, Shein and Myntra

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