Ali Xeeshan exposes Reality of the Fashion Industry

Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan opened up about his early days in the fashion industry and the hardships he faced.

Ali Xeeshan exposes Reality of the Fashion Industry f

"Something broke in me and I was very hurt.”

Ali Xeeshan has shared harsh truths and details of the hardships he faced in the fashion industry.

He is a prominent Pakistani designer and he appeared on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast.

During the podcast, Ali claimed he was mistreated in the industry.

He spoke about a big editor’s hurtful remarks about his mother and addressed the elitist mindset of some industry bigwigs.

Ali Xeeshan recalled his early days in the Karachi fashion industry, where he faced rude behaviour and criticism.

He mentioned Raheel Rao of Diva Magazine, who showed him a negative review of his fashion show in Lahore.

“He brought out his magazine and showed me the negative review written for me and said, ‘This is your worth’.”

According to Ali, Raheel called his work “trash” and “the trash of Lahore”.

This hurtful comment made Ali Xeeshan cry, and he felt disrespected as a fashion graduate.

He recalled: “I was so hurt, I came to the car and cried like I lost my baby. Something broke in me and I was very hurt.”

Moreover, Raheel Rao’s remarks about Ali Xeeshan’s mother were also hurtful.

During his fashion show in Lahore, Ali Xeeshan had kept a chair spare for his mother, who was on a Hajj trip.

Ali explained: “Raheel Rao went on Facebook and wrote this on his status, ‘Holy cow what the f**k was that Ali Xeeshan’.

“I don’t care who you are, you don’t have credentials to write about fashion. I’m a fashion graduate and you don’t have any degree, so how dare you talk about my fashion?

“And if you wanna talk about fashion then talk about clothes, their colours, and designs, Do not be personal.

“The same day, I went to the after-party. Raheel came and tapped on my shoulder and asked ‘What kind of a mother has given birth to this drama?’

“I couldn’t control my anger and slapped him. I am really sorry for that, but I had no other choice.”

Ali Xeeshan emphasised the need to stop bullying and accept people. He stressed that the industry doesn’t belong to a select few.

He urged for inclusivity and respect for all designers, regardless of their background.

A user wrote:

“I never expected Ali Xeeshan to be like this. He is very humble and straightforward. A good human being.”

Another added: “Thank you for showing us this side of Ali Xeeshan. He is so pure and brutally honest. Not a single dull moment in the podcast.”

One said: “My sister worked with him in London on one of his shoots and had nothing but praise for him.

“When the show ended he distributed the props amongst everyone as souvenirs. A lovely person with a big heart!”

Another commented: “How much this podcast changed my thoughts on Ali, always liked his clothes but thought of him nothing more than pompous and ignorant.”


Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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