Simi Raheal exposes ‘Whitening Complex’ in the Industry

Veteran actress Simi Raheal gave her thoughts on the Pakistani showbiz industry’s obsession with fair skin.

Simi Raheal exposes 'Whitening Complex' in the Industry f

"The whole industry has used whitening injections"

Veteran actress Simi Raheal revealed that the Pakistani industry is full of people who have “white complex”.

Simi is recognised for her outspoken nature and willingness to express her thoughts openly.

Recently, she appeared as a guest on The Current Life, where she discussed a range of topics.

These included activism, education, her love for arts and culture, as well as colourism.

During the interview, Simi Raheal touched upon an issue deeply rooted in Pakistan’s history and societal mindset.

That is the colonial mindset that persists in the country.

She highlighted that this colonial mindset is often perpetuated by the elite who hold power and influence.

Simi claimed that it has gradually shaped the collective thinking of Pakistanis.

One manifestation of this mindset is the promotion of colourism, where individuals with fair skin are deemed more attractive.

Simi Raheal acknowledged the existence of colourism and its prevalence in the entertainment industry.

She expressed her belief that colourism persists due to a lack of education and the influence of the colonial mindset.

Additionally, she addressed the allegations of skin whitening injections and the transformation of celebrities’ skin tones over time.

Simi Raheal stated that a significant portion of the industry has seemingly turned “white” due to the use of such injections.

The host asked: “Do you think that there’s still a trend of white skin in our industry?”

Simi replied: “We are such colonised people.

“The whole industry has used whitening injections and changed their colour and you are asking if we are colonised.

“Why are we colonised? Until our society is educated, we will remain colonised.

“And by educated, I don’t mean that someone knows their ABC. I mean along with education, the society has to be aware and sensible.”

Simi highlighted that this is not how these individuals appeared when they first joined the industry.

Viewers applauded the actress for her intellectual thoughts.

One user said: “I remember Sami in the seventies. She is gorgeous, brilliant and highly educated. A woman full of qualities. I wish I could meet her.”

Another appreciated:

“We need more like her in our society… Excellent.”

One praised: “Wow! We should learn from her, Amazing woman!”

Another commented: “It’s a wonderful experience to listen to such honoured and valuable thoughts. Keep rocking Ma’am.”

Simi Raheal is a veteran who is known for her deep appreciation of arts and culture.

She is not only an accomplished actress but also a dedicated teacher and scholar.


Ayesha is our South Asia correspondent who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible".

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