Javeria Abbasi announces 3rd Marriage during TV Appearance

After much speculation, Javeria Abbasi confirmed she has tied the knot for the third time during her TV appearance.

Javeria Abbasi announces 3rd Marriage during TV Appearance f

When she received a proposal, she took it seriously

Javeria Abbasi dropped the news of her third marriage during Madeha Naqvi’s morning show, leaving fans surprised.

Javeriai, hailing from a family of artists, has had a long career in the entertainment industry.

Throughout her life, she has faced various challenges and triumphs. Notably, she has raised her daughter Anzela Abbasi as a single parent.

Anzela has followed in her mother’s footsteps and has achieved success as an artist in her own right.

Recently, Anzela celebrated her marriage in a beautiful ceremony.

Javeria Abbasi herself has entered a new chapter in her life, which she announced on the morning show.

She shared pictures on social media, featuring a man and an engagement ring from Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Additionally, she posted images of bangles gifted by her mother-in-law. Javeria has confirmed that she has married for the third time.

Previously, Javeria was married to actor Shamoon Abbasi, with whom she shares a daughter.

However, their marriage ended in divorce. She subsequently married a businessman but their relationship also did not work out.

After her daughter’s marriage, Javeria found herself alone.

When she received a proposal, she took it seriously and discussed it with her daughter and friend, Shahood Alvi.

After determining that the person was suitable for her, Javeria got married in a Nikkah ceremony three months ago.

During her announcement, Javeria also mentioned her sister Anoushey Abbasi’s divorce.

She mentioned that it is the right age for Anoushey to reconsider marriage, and Javeria feels a sense of responsibility towards her sister.

This new phase in Javeria Abbasi’s life marks a significant milestone for her, as she embarks on a fresh union.

Her openness about her personal journey and her family’s experiences resonate with her fans and followers.

One user said:

“Every single lady should follow in her footsteps.”

Another wrote: “Good decision by Javeria.”

One commented: “MashaAllah. Soo happy. Best wishes for future.”

Another stated: “Yes good if anybody wants to remarry why not it is his or her choice, and when a man can get married 4 times simultaneously, why can’t a woman get married after divorce?

“You only get to live once and marriage should be a personal choice.”

However, others questioned the abrupt change in Javeria Abbasi’s stance.

One asked: “Just a little while ago she proudly stated that she does not need a man in her life and now she went and just got married?”

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