Javeria Abbasi responds to Shamoon’s Cryptic Post

Javeria Abbasi has appeared to respond to her ex-husband Shamoon’s cryptic post after he seemingly aimed a dig at her and their daughter.

"A healthy mind does not speak ill of others.”

It seems Javeria Abbasi has responded to ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi’s ambiguous message following their daughter Anzela’s wedding.

Shamoon did not attend his daughter’s wedding and it was initially believed he was recovering from the injuries he suffered in a car accident.

But a post seemingly suggested the real reason why.

In a now-deleted post, he said:

“Reminding a few shameless people about breaking ties, I never intended to maintain a relationship with such shameless and immoral individuals, and I will never do so.

“I don’t care about my connection with them, but my choice lies in distancing myself from such people.

“Certain internal wounds prevent hurting your soul. Allah is great.”

Netizens believed it was aimed at Javeria and his daughter.

Javeria has now apparently responded. In an Instagram Story, a post read:

“A healthy mind does not speak ill of others.”

Her post was received with positivity and Shahood Alvi applauded her for single-handedly raising her daughter.

Shahood commented: “Congratulations for marrying Anju off! I’m so happy for you both.

“We’ve been friends for 28 years now, and in these years I’ve always witnessed you being a great single parent.

“The amount of love and support you’ve shown her throughout life, even after undergoing all the pain and challenges.

“Now that you’ve wedded her off in a great family, I’m so proud of you because I saw you struggle everyday and in your worst times.

“Which is why I’m extremely thrilled for you! You’ve done a great job dost [friend]! No matter what anyone says, I have faith in you.”

Javeria showed her appreciation for the heartfelt post, thanking Shahood for being her biggest supporter, and said she felt blessed for their friendship.

She said: “You did so much for me, not just in this wedding but throughout my life! And I’m so grateful to God that I have a friend like you.

“Thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin in my life!”

Javeria Abbasi shared a number of images of Anzela’s wedding ceremony on her Instagram and many fans rushed to offer their congratulations to the mother-daughter duo.

One fan wrote: “Many congratulations to you, especially for being able to do this all on your own. Such a power house you are.

“God surely helped you, but you did a lot.”

Another commented: “I hope you’re content and safe mentally, emotionally and physically where you are.”

Javeria and Shamoon got married in 1997. In 2009, they divorced.

Shamoon Abbasi is now married to actress, model and producer, Sherry Shah.

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