Anzela Abbasi delves into Relationship with Father Shamoon

During an Instagram Q&A, Anzela Abbasi was asked about her relationship with her father Shamoon Abbasi. See how she responded.

Anzela Abbasi delves into Relationship with Father Shamoon f

"Does he fulfil his responsibilities as a father?”

Anzela Abbasi has opened up about her relationship with her father Shamoon Abbasi.

The actress recently made waves on social media when her wedding photographs were shared online.

Many social media users noticed that Shamoon was not there.

He soon shared a cryptic post that appeared to explain why he did not attend his daughter’s wedding.

In the now-deleted post, Shamoon wrote:

“Reminding a few shameless people about breaking ties, I never intended to maintain a relationship with such shameless and immoral individuals, and I will never do so.

“I don’t care about my connection with them, but my choice lies in distancing myself from such people.

“Certain internal wounds prevent hurting your soul. Allah is great.”

Although Shamoon deleted his post, social media users were quick to screenshot the supposed jibe at his daughter and ex-wife Javeria.

Anzela recently took part in a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram.

Many questions revolved around her wedding outfits, and if she was happy with her marriage.

One question in particular was directed at her relationship with her father, and Anzela tactfully replied that she was not answering personal questions.

The user asked: “How is your relationship with your father? Does he fulfil his responsibilities as a father?”

Anzela replied: “Not taking personal questions right now sweetie.”

She was then asked why she did not opt for a traditional heavy outfit for her wedding, to which Anzela replied that she did not want to but that others were welcome to choose the outfit for their own weddings.

One brazen user asked Anzela when she was getting divorced.

Showcasing maturity and elegance, Anzela stated she planned on staying married until the day she died.

Recently, Anzela shared a video of her and her husband Tashfeen reacting to their wedding.

The video showed Tashfeen setting eyes on his bride for the first time.

An emotional Tashfeen embraces Anzela Abbasi as the pair wipe away happy tears.

One user commented: “It’s a disgrace on your father’s past that he did not attend his own daughter’s wedding, and has never taken responsibility for being a father to you.

“All praise to your mother for raising you the way she has.

“May Allah bless you and your husband with the best of his blessings and may he keep you happy always.”

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