What did the 1st Episode of ‘Razia’ teach Viewers?

Mahira Khan’s ‘Razia’ has gotten underway but what did the first episode of the miniseries teach its viewers?

What did the 1st Episode of 'Razia' teach Viewers f

She would then grow up believing she was a cursed child

Miniseries Razia aired its first episode on Express Entertainment on September 14, 2023.

The drama boasts a stellar cast of Mahira Khan, Momal Sheikh, Mohib Mirza, Samina Naseer and Parveen Akbar.

The trailer gave the impression that the drama was based on equality and the importance of education, which is a far cry from the generic love triangles and troublesome in-law storylines.

Since the first episode’s upload onto YouTube, it has received over 280,000 views and the comments are proof that the drama has gone off to a good start.

But what exactly did the first episode teach its viewers?

From the use of reverse psychology to showcasing the power of dialogue, Razia has already left a powerful impact.

Set in Khwaab Nagar in 1997, Razia revolves around the lives of Zohra (Momal Sheikh), and Saleem (Mohib Mirza), who have become parents to a baby girl, much to the disappointment of Saleem’s mother, who wished for a grandson.

This scene highlighted the age-old expectation that a son is superior to a daughter because they take the family name forward.

Things develop when a grandson is born and as the grandmother holds him lovingly in her arms, she collapses and dies.

Mahira Khan’s background narration touches on the fact that if the grandmother had died whilst holding her granddaughter, then she would have been labelled inauspicious.

She would then grow up believing she was a cursed child, who took the life of her grandmother. Whereas if it was a son, he would be considered powerful.

Following on, Razia also highlighted the importance of gaps between each pregnancy in order to give the woman a chance to recover.

It was shown that when Saleem was advised by the doctor that his wife needed rest so her body could recover from her pregnancy, Saleem did not pay heed but instead declared he would change doctors.

This has been known to be a common practice in which men fail to understand the impact pregnancy and childbirth have on a woman, and they will not stop until their wife gives birth to a son.

Mahira Khan plays the title role and her screen presence is every bit mesmerising.

She is shown as a little girl who wishes to ride her own bike without having to beg her brother for a turn on his.

She is then shown as an adult riding a bike and carrying a guitar, representing empowerment and Razia’s fight to be able to do something so simple.

The scene is a visual representation of the stereotype that dolls are for girls, and cars are for boys, as stated by Saleem.

Razia defies the odds and becomes an equal to her brother with her own bike, showcasing gender equality.

The latest serial has garnered much appreciation and viewers shared their love for the first episode.

One user said: “What a brilliant idea, concept, storyline, direction, acting, everything.”

Another viewer commented: “The writer of this drama deserves an Oscar.”

Razia is available to watch on Express Entertainment every Thursday at 8 pm.

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