Mahira Khan unveils ‘Razia’ Trailer

Mahira Khan has unveiled the trailer for ‘Razia’, which looks to explore the realities of what women have to endure in Pakistan.

Mahira Khan unveils 'Razia' Trailer f

"Mahira Khan shines once again"

The trailer for the much-awaited mini-series Razia has officially been released and is already creating a storm on social media.

Starring Mahira Khan, the show boasts an exceptional cast.

These include Momal Sheikh, Mohib Mirza, Parveen Akbar and Kausar Siddiqui.

Mohsin Ali is the writer and director, whilst Hina Aman and Kamran Afridi are the producers.

Mahira Khan’s powerful performance in the trailer alone is an indication of what the audience can expect from this new series.

Although the trailer does not reveal too much about the series, Razia seems to be paving the way for an era of women’s rights.

Mahira portrays a woman who asks questions pertaining to the realities of what women have to endure in this country.

From aspects ranging from harassment, child marriage, honour killing, to domestic violence, Razia seems an attempt to bring on a wave of feminist discourse.

Since the trailer was released, fans have expressed their excitement.

However, it is unclear when the drama will be shown on TV as no release date has yet been confirmed.

One fan said: “Prepare for brilliance! Mahira Khan shines once again in a captivating upcoming drama.

“Her commitment to exceptional roles is a treat to behold.”

One fan expressed praise for the Express channel for its original content.

They said: “Express is literally rocking, giving the best dramas one by one. Fabulous cast, sets, writers, each and everything seems on point, best wishes to you guys.”

Mahira also shared the trailer on Instagram where it was received wholeheartedly.

One comment read: “Such a prominent and thought-provoking trailer.

“And above all, Mahira ma’am, your presentation is always so encouraging and motivating.

“Not only for girls, but I am sure there is so much to learn for our society from such a promising script and storytelling.”

“My best wishes to the entire team, and my salute and respect to each girl who stands for herself and makes an effort to voice her thoughts.”

Another read: “Raw, powerful, hard to digest kind of a narrative. Exactly what Pakistani television is in dire need of.

“Finally, a breath of fresh air, to see Mahira Khan in a new and unapologetic avatar like never before!”

The ensemble cast also includes Kaleem Ghori, Daniya Kanwal, Samina Nazeer, Abeer Naeem, Fajr Sheikh, Meryam Zehra and Fatima Imtiaz.

Watch the Razia Trailer


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