Mohib Mirza wants to highlight Injustice against Women in Razia

Mohib Mirza expressed his wish to highlight injustice against women in his mini-series ‘Razia’, which also stars Mahira Khan.

Mohib Mirza wants to highlight Injustice against Women in Razia f

"A sad but true depiction of what happens to girls in Pakistan.”

Mohib Mirza took to Instagram to share his thoughts on his recent mini-series Razia in which he plays Saleem, a father who favours his son over his daughter.

The post read: “Reality check.

“The system must be broken, awareness must be created so that the new generation is not blinded by hypocrisy and patriarchy.

“All children must have equal opportunities especially when it comes to education.

“Thank you for all the feedback on this character Saleem. I hope his ignorance can shed some light.”

The post was met with supportive messages and many followers applauded Mohib for his role in the drama.

One comment read: “You have done full justice to Saleem’s character by portraying it so well.

“This role was meant for you hero.”

Another said: “I hope everyone watches the drama Razia to see how females are abused and treated less than a human in each household.

“A sad but true depiction of what happens to girls in Pakistan.”

A third individual added: “You portrayed it so well! Hats off to you!”

Razia is a drama based heavily on the narrative provided by Mahira Khan, who is seen reminiscing the story of her childhood whilst offering a glimpse into her past.

The drama highlights the difference in gender inequality and societal expectations.

The story focuses on the life of Razia who is constantly reminded that as a girl she must be careful in protecting her honour and must live differently to her brother.

It shows the confusion of a little girl who is told she is too old to play with the boys in the street but too young to go to the shops alone.

In episode two, an altercation between Razia and her father engaged viewers with the spectacular performance of Saleem (Mohib).

Razia asks Saleem: “Am I too old or too young? Am I strong or so weak that I need my little brother to protect me?”

Saleem is unable to answer her question and in an act of frustration, slaps her, leaving Razia shocked as she had asked an innocent question.

The episode garnered much love and many shared their thoughts for the actors involved.

One fan wrote: “Amazing episode. Razia’s acting hit our minds and soul.

“Her questions are full of innocence and her queries are heart-touching.”

“The questions raised on discrimination, gender bias, parenting of a girl child, the creepy mentality of sick people has shaken us from inside.

“It is really sad but it’s also a bitter truth of our cruel society.”

Alongside Mahira Khan and Mohib Mirza, Razia also stars Momal Sheikh, Parveen Akbar, Shahzad Malick and Daniya Kanwal.

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