Mohib Mirza reacts to Sanam Saeed Affair Claims

After Mohib Mirza confirmed that he married Sanam Saeed, he faced accusations of cheating on his first wife Aamina Sheikh.

Mohib Mirza reacts to Sanam Saeed Affair Claims f

"No one here can question this"

Mohib Mirza has responded to claims that he cheated on Aamina Sheikh with Sanam Saeed.

In 2018, the actor decided to divorce Aamina after 14 years of marriage due to personal issues.

Meanwhile, Sanam also divorced Farhan Hassan, who was her childhood friend.

In January 2023, Mohib confirmed his second marriage but did not reveal who his new wife was. He eventually confirmed that he had tied the knot with Sanam Saeed.

The news divided fans, with some claiming he was having an affair with Sanam.

Mohib has now addressed the rumours with Adnan Faisal on FHM Pakistan.

When asked how his romance with Sanam began, Mohib asked:

“Do you want me to recall the Nida Yasir story?

“Your issue is the assumption that I was cheating [on Aamina].”

Dismissing the cheating rumours, Mohib said:

“Who is assuming this? I was not married when I got involved with Sanam.”

Mohib Mirza also hit out at his critics for forming false assumptions.

“How do you know? Do you have my divorce certificate or does Wikipedia have it?”

He reiterated: “My marriage had ended when I pursued Sanam.

“No one here can question this because I have my divorce deed and I know the reality.”

Mohib kept his marriage to Sanam quiet for a while and he revealed that he could have continued to keep it a secret, adding:

“If I don’t want to announce it even now, it’s my choice.”

Disclosing details of the small Nikkah ceremony, Mohib said it happened at Sanam’s house with just five guests in attendance.

“No one else has probably had a Nikkah as simple as mine.”

Mohib Mirza is believed to have met Sanam Saeed whilst filming the TV series Deedan.

Recalling his love confession at the filming location, which was on a mountainside, Mohib stated:

“That’s where I expressed my feelings. And I can see the girl right in front of me, no need to look down.”

Mohib had previously declared his love for Sanam, telling Munib Nawaz:

“Sanam means ‘Beloved’ and Mohib means ‘The Lover’, need I say more?

“The name ”Sanam” literally translates to your beloved and Mohib’s literal meaning is the one who loves.

“Our story is as simple and transparent as our names.”

On what it was like to fall in love for a second time, he added:

“I agree that it’s not easy, rather a complicated situation to fall in love for a second time especially when you’ve been married previously.

“It may be difficult for everyone depending on their experience.

“Nobody is born with experience or sanity, we all tend to learn from our environment and surroundings.

“You can only be on the right track with people and in your life, if you are willing to mend your relationship with them, otherwise everything goes south.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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