Mahira Khan & Momal Sheikh shed light on ‘Razia’

Mahira Khan and Momal Sheikh opened up about their new show ‘Razia’, which is being praised for its theatrical storytelling.

Mahira Khan & Momal Sheikh shed light on 'Razia f

"Mahira explained the show really well and what it is trying to convey."

Mahira Khan and Momal Sheikh have spoken about Razia, which is being praised for its theatrical storytelling.

Writer and director Mohsin Ali said the concept of Razia was a far cry from usual stories which include portraying women as weak.

Instead, Razia empowered women and presented them as strong and independent.

Mahira spoke about her role as the titular character and explained that the dialogues were meticulously created so that they could resonate with viewers.

Mahira went on to say that in further episodes there was a promise of even stronger, and in some instances, controversial dialogues.

This gives the audience an indication that Razia will continue to touch on stereotypical subjects.

Momal highlighted what rebellion meant to her, stating she felt a connection to the lead character because, in reality, she was persistent in pursuing her career and making an identity for herself.

Mohsin also touched on the subject of rebellion and revealed that he did not meet his family’s expectations when he decided to study theatre and not engineering the way his older brothers had.

The interview was met with a lot of praise, in particular for Mahira Khan for her professional and in-depth analysis of her drama.

One netizen said: “Ok, I must say, Mahira explained the show really well and what it is trying to convey. I will definitely watch it [Razia] now.”

Another commented:

“One can listen to Mahira for hours and hours, she is so intellectual, convincing and logical.

“She is extremely clear about her script.”

Razia began to engage its audience when the trailer was released.

Audiences saw Mahira Khan in a narrative role, speaking about boundaries and gender equality. She enticed viewers with her booming voice and clear dialogue, paired with her screen presence.

Mohsin Ali spoke about the cast and the thought process that went into casting each member.

He said: “To cast the young Razia, we conducted multiple auditions, many television star kids auditioned too, but we ended up deciding on extracting raw, unexplored talent, visiting house to house in search of our younger protagonists.

“Most child stars are new without much acting background, performing for the very first time.”

Razia is produced by Hina Aman and Kamran Afridi.

It also stars Parveen Akbar, Kausar Siddiqui, Mohib Mirza, Samina Nazeer, Kashif Hussain, Akbar Islam and Esha Usman.

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