Indian girl aged 12 Blackmails Father to teach him ‘a lesson’

In a disturbing incident, a 12-year-old Indian girl from Mumbai blackmailed her own father in order to teach him “a lesson”.

Indian girl aged 12 Blackmails Father to teach him 'a lesson' f

"Our men are in Mumbai, they will come and kill everybody"

A police investigation into a blackmail case revealed that a 12-year-old Indian girl was responsible for blackmailing her own father.

The incident took place in Mumbai.

The girl reportedly started sending emails to her father in order to teach him a lesson. She was annoyed that her parents paid more attention to her four-year-old sibling.

In the emails, the girl threatened to have the man’s entire family killed.

On July 18, 2020, the man, who was an accountant for a China-based bank, reported the matter to police. He told officers that he had received three threatening emails from someone in China.

In the emails, the sender had demanded money and if not provided, the man’s family would be killed.

According to an official, the first email demanded Rs. 1 Lakh (£1,000) while the second demanded more money and the way to transfer it.

In the third email, the sender wanted “12 million” and threatened to kill the man, his wife and their two daughters.

The email read: “Sorry, you will have to give us 12 million. You can pay money online or by Paytm.

“Our men are in Mumbai, they will come and kill everybody in your house.”

After receiving the third email, the banker decided to go to the police.

Officers looked at the emails and suspected that the extortionist was not a professional as they had not mentioned the currency.

The case was transferred to the crime branch and they worked to locate the sender.

The victim alleged that it was a Chinese national who knew his family members.

In August 2020, police found out the email address and discovered that the emails came from the complainant’s IP address.

Officers began questioning the family who subsequently became suspicious of their 12-year-old daughter.

They found that a mobile phone was being used by the banker’s daughter. When officers questioned her in front of her parents, she admitted responsibility.

The Indian girl believed that her parents did not pay attention to her and that they preferred her younger sister.

The girl also alleged that her parents often scolded her and she believed that sending threatening emails would get her mother and father arrested.

As the child is a minor, she was not arrested. Instead, she and her family were referred to a doctor.

Dr Yusuf Matcheswalla explained that the girl will be treated with more care while her parents, who are reportedly distressed by the ordeal, will also need counselling.

He said: “Most children are internet-savvy with easy access to social media.

“In this case, it seems that the child is experiencing sibling jealousy. Her parents need to handle her with care.

“All the family members need to undergo counselling and find the cause of the problem.”

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